Grosjean announces autobiography ‘Facing Death’

On Twitter earlier today, Romain Grosjean unveiled his new autobiography.

The book, released today, is titled ‘Facing Death’ in French (La Mort En Face).

Throughout the autobiography, Grosjean opens up about the bad times, the good, the politics, the struggles from his early days in the sport, and the events that has shaped his career along the way.

It’s not just Grosjean’s story in the book, it is filled with insightful comments and writings by his wife, Marion.

This reportedly offers an emotional account of the incident that everyone remembers – the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix.

This was the race where Grosjean crashed and got his nickname, the Phoenix, after ascending from the flames.

Grosjean has confirmed on Twitter that the book will be eventually translated into English.

Featured Image Credit: from @RGrosjean on Twitter.

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