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Green Reveals Possibility for Aston Martin to Become an Engine Supplier

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With the unveiling of Aston Martin’s car, Chief Technical Officer, Andrew Green, spoke about several aspects that the team had to look at but admitted that the engine “had the least amount of change from ’21 to ’22.” He also hinted that Aston Martin may be looking at becoming its own engine suppliers by the end of this decade.

Aston Martin is currently supplied by Mercedes, along with McLaren and Williams. Despite the huge workload on the teams, Green admitted that the power unit was one of the least troubling factors.

He said, “So on the current power unit, there are minimal changes from ’21. It was probably the only single area of the car that had the least amount of change from ’21 to ’22. It’s sort of in a homologated region of the power unit.

“The power unit has been developed with E10 fuel for 2022, so it had to be recalibrated and the fuel reblended. I think that’s not a significant alteration and I think that the power unit suppliers of all the team are still only supplying one. So I don’t think that was a big issue for them.”

Back in 2009, when the team was still known as Force India, they formed a partnership with Mercedes to become their engine suppliers. As Lawrence Stroll took over as owner and rebranded the team as Racing Point, the partnership with Mercedes remained.

Now that they once again rebranded as Aston Martin, they are still supplied by Mercedes but Green admitted that they would like to become their own engine suppliers in the near future.

He said, “I think going forward with our ambitions, I think we’re definitely investigating our power unit supply. In the long-term, 2026 is luted with the power unit regulation. I think as a team we’d love to be involved, we have Aramco now involved as well as a sponsor and I think conversations going forward in the next few years, you know, we’ll see. I’m sure we’ll be looking at it in great detail and understanding whether there’s a benefit to us moving in that direction.”

Head Image Credit: Aston Martin

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