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George Russell: “I need to keep on pushing.”

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George Russell has been on a successful streak finishing within the top five consistently since the start of the season.

The Brit is no longer a rookie for the Mercedes team displaying his competitive spirit through excellent performance.

The Beginning

George shared, “I think if you told me prior to the season that we’d be seven races in and I wouldn’t have a victory to my name, I would have definitely been a bit disappointed with that. But I think given the pace of the car and given where we’ve been as a team, I’ve been reasonably pleased with how I’ve performed. I think the results have been maximised.

Image Credit: Mercedes.

Into The Season

Russell revealed, “I don’t see many races where we could have achieved better results, but we’ve definitely got room to improve. You are constantly striving for more when you understand the car more, the tyres more. And, you know, I want to fight for this championship. We’ve got to go against the likes of Max [Verstappen] at Red Bull and obviously Charles [Leclerc] is doing an extra extremely good job at the moment with Ferrari. But as a team, we just need to keep on pushing – I need to keep on pushing personally. So, more to come.

The 24-year old is continuing to learn his car’s potential and limitations with the team.

Image Credit: Mercedes.

Looking Ahead

He added, “We’ve learned a lot and can put that to good use in the coming weeks to take another step forward. Overall, [P5 was] a decent result and I’m confident that we’ve got stronger days ahead of us.

Heading to Baku, George finds himself in fourth with 84 points in the driver standings. Mercedes is maintaining third with 134 points in the constructor standings.

Headline Image Credit: Mercedes.

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