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Future Vietnam GP still possible

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Despite the postponement and the eventual cancellation of the Vietnamese Grand Prix, Formula One remains positive that the sport can eventually host a race in the country.

Vietnam’s capital city Hanoi, was due to host it’s first ever grand prix in April 2020, but was initially postponed due to the ongoing global pandemic. In the summer of last year, there was controversy surrounding the actions of Hanoi’s former mayor Nguyen Chung, who was sentenced to five years in prison. He was a key facilitator in bringing F1 to Vietnam, but the race was struck from the calendar for the 2021 season after he was found guilty of misappropriating state secrets and misusing assets.

However, Formula One are keen to visit Vietnam in the future, according to the Global Director of Race Promotion Chloe Targett-Adams.  Speaking at the Blackbook Motorsport Virtual Summit she said “Vietnam is an incredibly exciting race location for Formula 1. There is a hugely young demographic in the country, vibrant business sector, somewhere we’re very excited to race,”

“2020 was to be the first race, with an amazing circuit bult in the outskirts of Hanoi,” she continued. “Totally understandably no one wants to launch a first race in the middle of a pandemic, [they’re] working through some localised issues with some change in government. We just decided and agreed with our promoter, Vingroup, that early 2021 just wasn’t the right timing for that,”

“We continue to work through with them, longer term we’d still relish the opportunity to have a race in Vietnam, so we’re hoping we’ll get there eventually.”

Targett-Adams also spoke of the possibility of a race in South Africa, a second race in the United States and that Asia remains a key location for the calendar.

“Africa is a continent that we don’t race in and that is just wrong,” she explained. “It’s somewhere that we very much want to [visit], it’s a priority, we have been in talks with possible options for a few years and we’re hoping that ultimately we will be able to achieve a race there in the kind of mid- to near-term,”

“The US remains a clear strategic priority, we have a great race in Austin, we look forward to working with our promoter there hopefully for more years to come. We’re looking at a second race opportunity, a destination location, and looking to build up that US race proposition,”

“Asia we have made no secret of the fact that’s a key priority, we’re global series, we’re fortunate there’s a lot of interest.”

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