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Four-Driver Line-Up for Alpine Academy in 2022

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The Alpine Academy have added two new drivers to their line-up this year. Olli Caldwell, a Formula 3 race-winner, and Jack Doohan, Formula 3 vice-champion, will be joining Victor Martins and Caio Collet.

Doohan has joined Formula 2 for the 2022 season, racing for Virtuosi Racing after signing with the outfit in December. He had a successful year in F3 in 2021 where he finished second in the championship with four race wins and seven podiums.

Caldwell is also joining Formula 2 but will be with Campos Racing. He raced for PREMA Racing in 2021 and achieved one race win and four podiums, finishing eighth.

Doohan and Caldwell are the two new additions to the academy’s line-up. Victor Martins placed fifth in the F3 championship last year, during his rookie season. He has switched from racing with MP Motorsport to ART Grand Prix for his second year.

Whilst racing for MP Motorsport, Martins had Collet as a teammate. Collet is remaining with the Dutch team for a second season in F3 and is being retained by the Alpine Academy. He finished his rookie year in F3 in ninth.

Mia Sharizman, the Director of the Alpine Academy, spoke about the two new additions.

She said that Doohan is “fresh from finishing as runner-up in Formula 3 showing his raw speed in the Championship and again in his debut in Formula 2 last year”. She is pleased with Caldwell’s latest F3 results as he had a “solid year”.

Sharizman added:

“We accept it might take a few races for the two of them to adjust to their new surroundings, but we’re confident they will hit the ground running towards the second half of the season”.

The goal of the Academy is to “win the championships [they] drivers are competing in”. Martins and Collet “know it’s time to deliver and fight” and continue the “strong development” they’ve shown over the past four years.

Alpine are set to launch their new 2022 Formula 1 car, the A522, on February 21st.

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