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Formula One to Test Out New Tyre Compound Rule in 2023

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The F1 Commission held a meeting with the FIA on April 29 to discuss new regulations, including those regarding available tyre compounds.

The parties agreed on a decision to provide teams with 11 sets of tyres rather than 13. This format will be tested out in two qualifying sessions. It will be known as the “Revised Qualifying Format” and the FIA is yet to confirm the locations of where it will be tested.

The full statement by the FIA and F1 Commission said, “The Commission unanimously agreed to trial a reduction in the tyre allocation from 13 sets to 11 at two events in the 2023 season. This will be done to evaluate the impact of reduction in tyre allocation on track-running, with the overall intention to move to more sustainable use of tyres in the future.”

The “Revised Qualifying Format”

For each qualifying session, the teams will have to use different compounds. The number of available compounds is also changing.

Currently, teams are provided with eight soft compound sets, three medium compound sets and two hard compound sets. The newly revised system will provide teams with half the amount of soft compound tyres. Then they will have four medium compounds and finally three sets of hard compound tyres.

During Q1, each driver must run on the hard compound tyre. Whoever makes it to Q2, must change for mediums. Finally, those still running in Q3 will have to use the soft compound tyres.

The Commission also scrapped the rule about the maximum number of tyre testing days, which was 30 per season. They also made more clarifications on the use of “mule cars”. These cars are test cars used by the teams to test out specific parts of the cars which are affected by rule changes.

For ruling purposes, these will be recognised by the FIA as “genuine car damage”.

Other regulations were looked at such as those regarding the 2026 Power Unit. The FIA highlighted the key principles and is working on simulations to issue the official regulations for teams to follow. They are also looking at increasing the number of sprint races a season from three to six. This has not yet been confirmed, but it is said that the teams are in favour of this format and might come into place in 2023.

The 2023 Technical Regulations are yet to be confirmed.

Head Image Credit: BBC Sport

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