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Formula One in new legal battle over the Miami Circuit

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The Miami Grand Prix is set to take place on the 8th of May. A last-minute legal challenge could stop the event from taking place at all.

The race is set to take place around the Miami Gardens Area with the Hard Rock Stadium as the focus of attention. The purpose-built track will be around 3.36 miles long and will take drivers around Miami Gardens.

Miami Gardens, however, is a residential area. The Floridian residents have long been opposed to the race taking place.

Now, in a last-ditch attempt, the residents have pursued even more legal action. The group, led by Betty Furgeson, is attempting to block the Grand Prix before the weekend of the 6th of May.

The residents believe if the Grand Prix were to take place, the event will cause:

 “cause severe disruption and physical harm to Miami Gardens residents.”

The residents have quoted that the race will produce up to 97 Decibels within nearly a 3-mile radius.

Many of the Miami courts have restrained from ruling or getting involved in the case. This is mostly due to the fact that the event still hasn’t been authorised its ‘Special Events Permit’.

Many judges and lawyers believe it wouldn’t be right to have a ruling before it is known whether the permit has been issued. This belief has come from both sets of lawyers. Ones representing the Hard Rock Stadium and those representing the Miami Gardens residents.

The Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge, Alan Fine, who will be the judge in question has also weighed in.

Numerous courts before me have resisted the temptation to jump into something that hasn’t been issued yet. Shouldn’t I wait to see if the city manager issues the special events permit?”

Fine has also expressed “frustration” because the ruling will be have to made in such a short time period.

Many of the residents have fought endlessly to block the Grand Prix before its inaugural race. This is because the circuit has a 10-year contract with Formula 1.

The residents would effectively block the race for the next decade.

This is not the first time residents have been opposed to a race taking place. Over a decade ago a Rome Street Circuit was proposed but the residents strongly disagreed with the idea.

As F1 starts attending more and more countries and creates street circuits more and more, these legal challenges may become more frequent.

The ruling for the Miami Grand Prix is predicted to come out early next week.

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