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Formula One goes to Hollywood in 2023

Are you ready to see Formula One back on the big screen?

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Apple TV has announced a new F1 movie starring none other than Brad Pitt. The F1 feature is set to hit Hollywood in 2023.

An upcoming movie, starring A-lister Brad Pitt, is in the works over at Apple TV. The streaming giant has finally secured the rights to the film.

Pitt pictured in racing gear from his role starting the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2016. Credit:

The film has been the topic of a bidding war between nearly all of the streaming giants. Apple have just announced they won. This means they have finally acquired the rights after “five months”. The Hollywood Reporter highlights that the initial pitch of the project “elicited instant offers”. Apple beat out the likes of Netflix and Amazon for the rights.

Big Names

In addition to Brad Pitt, the untitled F1 film has got a crack team working on it. Joseph Kosinski, the director behind the recent hit “Top Gun Maverick” was the person to come up with the initial idea.

Kosinski has also got the writer of “Top Gun Maverick”, Ehren Kruger, to pen the F1 epic.

Luckily for F1 fans all around, Kosinski and Kruger know how to create a thrilling movie as their recent work has had incredible reviews. On top of that, the film will have its own F1 touch as none other than Lewis Hamilton will be producing the movie.

The movie, which is expected to come to Hollywood in 2023, will reportedly feature Pitt coming out of retirement and back to race against some racing “titans”.


Not only is this an exciting prospect for motorsport fans, but it is an exciting milestone for the future of streaming.

Apple TV is in the process of setting the film up to have an extended theatrical release before hosting the film on its streaming service. The use of a theatrical release, which Apple has done before for its own films, is usually limited to a month.

In the current deal, it is predicted that the film will be in cinemas for 30- 60 days before moving to the streaming platform. This will be a first for the streaming economy. Perhaps it will set the tone for all future releases.

Obviously, Apple will need to get a distribution partner on board which has not happened yet. Despite this, the idea is promising. Many streaming services will be looking at the results of the film and its relative success.

Another F1 film?

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a major picture detailing F1. There’s been the huge feature film ‘Rush’. Documentaries on Senna and Schumacher have also been made. Away from F1, there have been other major motion pictures on motorsport. Le mans ’66 (Ford vs Ferrari) being another critically acclaimed movie in the motorsport area.

Who’s excited to see Formula One hit Hollywood in 2023?

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