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Formula E: Racing in Sao Paulo is a ‘dream’ come true

Formula E is set to make dreams come true with its race in Brazil

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Formula E is set to go to Sao Paulo for the first time which is a dream come true for their two Brazilian drivers.

Lucas di Grassi says driving in Sao Paulo has been a dream of his. Credit:

After last week’s announcement which featured Lucas di Grassi and Sergio Sette Camara, the pair have commented on the prospect of racing in their home country.

World Champion Lucas Di Grassi is from Sao Paulo originally, born and bred. Being able to not only race in his home country but in his home town is very exciting.

The race will be held in the historic Sambardrome where the carnival filters through every year. Not only is the race going to be exciting for the Brazilian natives but to race in such an iconic venue will also be incredible.

Di Grassi commented on the race weekend and the venue saying it will be “suited perfectly”.

“The straight there is suited to it perfectly – and the thousands of people that like to join the carnival and spend some time in Brazil will be able to stay for the race”.

Racing in Brazil with the new cars

Speaking on the new race, both Sette Camara and Di Grassi were excited to race in Brazil. They were even more excited to do it in the Gen 3 cars.

Di Grassi, who has worked hard to be able to race Formula E in Sao Paulo marked that it would be emotional. He commented that it will be special as it is the start of the Gen3 era.

“After 10 years of hard work and persistence it’s finally happening in Season 9 and for the start of Gen3 – it’s very emotional for me to be racing there.”

Sette Camara couldn’t stop talking about his excitement for the new car.

It’s an all-new car and Gen3 is properly exciting…We’ve got 350kW now instead of 250kW and it’s such a big change.

He continued to talk about the car and how exciting it is for the sport.

“With the weight reduction plus that power, the step’s even bigger. I haven’t driven it on a street circuit yet but the car will be wild at places like Rome with all the elevation changes – I’m really looking forward to it, it’ll be exciting.”

Finally, on the home race,

“Then there’s the race in Brazil. A home race, in Sao Paulo, will be beautiful. Racing in Sao Paulo makes this season even more special. There is nothing like competing at home with your fans cheering you on. It’s going to be incredible”

Feature Image: MahindraRacing/ Twitter

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