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Formula E Exclusive: Who Jake Dennis wants to see race in the all-electric series

Jake Dennis would love to see the Formula 2 Champion drive in Formula E

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There are many young talented drivers who seek glory elsewhere, like Formula E, and Jake Dennis would love to see this youngster take a shot at the all-electric series.

Felipe Drugovich won the 2022 Formula 2 Championship (Image Credit: Formula 1)

Jake Dennis would love to see more young talent enter Formula E and challenge the veterans who’ve been in it since the beginning. Seeing how spaces are quite limited in Formula 1, the Brit admitted that the all-electric series is a good option for drivers to build a name.

After Mick Schumacher lost his seat to Nico Hulkenberg, Dennis couldn’t hide the frustration of seeing another driver – who already had a chance to prove himself – take the potential seat of a young driver. That is why he is adamant that Formula E is the solution for these drivers who want to succeed and make a living out of racing.

While Formula E is a viable option, Dennis added that it is not all plain sailing. The level of Formula E drivers is very high, especially when you look at drivers such as Lucas di Grassi, Jean-Eric Vergne and Stoffel Vandoorne. Replacing one of these drivers is very difficult. Having to fill in the shoes of such greats is big pressure, but rewarding if one can handle it.

FormulaNerds asked Dennis which young talent he’d love to see in Formula E. There is a vast talent to choose from. Schumacher, for example, might want to keep the ball rolling in another series now that he isn’t even part of the Ferrari Academy. Liam Lawson is another name highly regarded within F1 circles. He finished third in F2 last season, despite more than his fair share of bad luck.

Jake Dennis’s choice

Dennis chose 2022 Formula 2 Champion, Felipe Drugovich. He isn’t the only one to say that the Brazilian would be a great addition to Formula E. Lucas di Grassi previously told us that he is working closely with the 22-year-old. However, he didn’t reveal whether he is close to joining Formula E in another season or not.

The Andretti driver said:

“I think this year in Formula 2 there’s been a stand-out ride, Drugovich, who doesn’t seem to have a race seat either, obviously he’s taken the Aston Martin role.

“I would have loved to see him, obviously for Aston Martin to lend him out for a year or two years, whatever it needs to be and come over. I don’t know how young he is, but obviously this year he’d been pretty dominant.”

With that, he added why Formula E is a good option for young drivers. He compared it to when the all-electric series didn’t exist and the drivers had no other choice but GTs. But now there is Formula E as an option.

He said: “I think it’s great to see the younger generation get a shot because obviously before Formula E there wasn’t really much you could do. There’s literally like Formula 2, then F1. If you don’t make it into F1, it’s like GTs only.

“Whereas now with the Formula E, it’s a very good place to be, it’s only getting bigger. So, at least it gives drivers a chance to prove themselves. Make a very healthy career, even if they don’t go on to what they were initially trying to achieve. It’s just a very good alternative and the level in Formula E now in terms of drivers is so high.”

The Brit also made some comparisons to Formula 1 in terms of drivers. He added: “In terms of my eyes, in terms of from first to last, it’s better than Formula 1, you know.

“I’m not saying about Lewis Hamilton, but you know the top six, top eight drivers in Formula 1 are incredible drivers and they are great. But then you got the lower end which I don’t feel like it’s the level of the lower end of Formula E.

“I just think it’s very difficult to get into Formula E because the seat you’re taking of that original driver, he’s also very good. So, it’s a challenge but it’s a great stepping stone, it’s a great alternative from Formula 1.

“It gives the younger guys a bit more hope that if they don’t make it to Formula 1, they can still make a career out of it, of something, you know.”

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