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Mitch Evans, Jaguar TCS Racing in the garage

Formula E Exclusive: Jaguar ‘just needs a little bit of luck’ in 2024, says Evans

Even after coming so close to championship success on two prior occasions, Mitch Evans is no less determined

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After finishing third in the Drivers’ Championship, Jaguar driver Mitch Evans is gearing up for another title challenge in Season 10. 

Mitch Evans, Jaguar, and Nick Cassidy
Evans will be joined by Nick Cassidy at Jaguar next season. (Image credit: Formula E)

Already, Jaguar has established itself as the clear pacesetter for next season. The team enjoyed success at pre-season testing in Valencia back in October, where it was fastest across all three days. The fastest lap times were shared between its two drivers, with Evans quickest on the first two days, whilst Cassidy was fastest on the third.

“Preseason testing has been going well, we’ve had a few test days,” Evans told FormulaNerds “We’ve had Valencia, which we topped all of the sessions. So, things are shaping up nicely, but obviously once we get to Mexico things could change.”

Although Jaguar was indisputably quick in Spain, Maserati and Porsche were equally impressive, often giving the British team a run for its money. 

Evans is well aware that success next season will not come unchallenged. “I think other teams will make a bit of a step,” he shared. “But hopefully we can carry that momentum we had last season into next year.”

New teammate on the block

Mitch Evans will be joined at Jaguar by compatriot Nick Cassidy, who departed Envision at the end of Season 9. There’s a charming narrative to this new partnership, as Cassidy and Evans both do their part to represent their home of New Zealand. 

“Obviously it’s very exciting to have Nick on board,” Evans said. “We have known each other since we were, like, six or seven years old.”

“It’s going to be amazing to have him as a teammate in the factory team.” 

After sharing an intense battle for the championship last season, it seems inevitable that Cassidy and Evans will be equally matched. But Evans, after falling just short of championship success, remains determined.

“I think the last few years I’ve been operating at a high level and things have slipped through our fingers,” he explained. “But you’re also always trying to perfect your own, what you can control.”

Hoping Jaguar has fortune on its side

Despite Jaguar finishing second to its customer team, Envision, there are still plenty of positives to extract from Season 9. 

“I think last year, our qualifying performance was exceptional,” said Evans. But these strong qualifying results weren’t always converted to success in the race. “Just the first few races through technical penalties, or getting with Sam [Bird] in Hyderabd, there were a few occasions where it obviously didn’t help things.”

“But I think in terms of where we’re at, both the team and myself are operating at a good level,” Evans continued, adding:

“We just need a little bit of luck, I think now.”

“But [the competition] is so tight in Formula E,” Evans said. “And you do need a little bit of luck and fortune to go your way. 

“But the main thing is, we’re going to be hopefully competitive again. And then hopefully it’s up to us to make sure we can get it done this time.”

Featured Image Credit: Malcolm Griffiths / Formula E 

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