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Formula E announce new tyre technical partner

After eight seasons with Michelin, Formula E have announced a change...

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It has been announced that Hankook will be the new Formula E tyre partner replacing Michelin.

Formula E’s new tyre partner, Hankook, is the tyre supplier to many motorsport series such as the W Series Credit: Hankook Tire Media Centre

Ahead of the new Gen3 cars, Formula E has announced that Hankook tyres will become the main supplier for the sport. Alongside being the new tyre supplier, the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship has announced that Hankook will be a technical partner.

The Hankook iON tyre has been developed exclusively for electric vehicles so the new Hankook race tyre is also part of the iON family.

As the new Gen3 era is upon us, it’s a fitting time to make a change to new tyres. When Gen3 racecars were promoted, Hankook tyres were visible on the demonstration cars. This new announcement from Formula E just finalised the details of the partnership.

As explained further below, the new tyre partnership between Formula E and Hankook will be great for the sport and the world. This is because Hankook has committed itself to meeting sustainability expectations.

Nearly 30% of the new tyre is made of sustainable materials.

Why Hankook?

Hankook CEO, Sooil Lee, has stated that he believes Hankook and Formula E are a good fit. He said, as reported by Formula E, “The philosophy of the Hankook brand and our strategic orientation towards an increasingly sustainable future also reflect the spirit and DNA of Formula E”.

Looking ahead to the future, Lee believes that they can change motorsport together.

“Together, we will advance and significantly influence the development of modern motorsport over the coming years.”

Helping Ordinary Joes

Participating in motorsport is fast-paced and the amount of research that goes into it is incredible. However, Hankook’s involvement in Formula E will benefit the everyday road users, not just track stars.

Hankook is committed to a “race-to-road” technology transfer. The development on Formula E iON tyres evolves their other iON tyres.

Why is Hankook good for Formula E?

Formula E is set on sustainability and being the driver of change. Hankook tyres will meet sustainability goals and help advance electric tyre technology.

According to Formula E, Hankook has worked closely with the sport to develop a sustainable racing tyre. One which is also a high-performing tyre for motorsport. It doesn’t compromise on either aspect.

Formula E tyres are incredibly durable which helps their sustainability push. This is because they are going through tyres at a slower rate. The compromise between wet and dry weather tyres also means that all tyres will be used.

Hankook plan to fully recycle their tyres after each race weekend. Not only will the tyres be reused after being recycled but they are also made from sustainable products. It’s stated that Hankook tyres are 30% sustainably made.

The new Formula E tyres will debut in race format at the Mexico City E-Prix in January.

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