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Australian GP

FIA: ‘Significant danger’ at the Australian GP with fans on track

The AGPC launched a formal investigation into what happened at the end of the race in Melbourne

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The FIA has found the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, promoter of the GP at Albert Park, in breach of safety regulations as spectators entered the track while the race was still ongoing. Now, the AGPC will have to present a remediation plan to the FIA. 

Australian GP
Fans at the Australian GP. Image Credit: DPPI/REX/Shutterstock

Appalling scenes happened at the end of the Australian GP, where spectators entered the track while the race was still ongoing, causing danger to themselves, officials, and drivers. They also managed to get to Haas driver Nico Hulkenberg’s car, which was parked on the track and still considered at risk of possible electrical discharge. The shameful conduct was recorded by various videos showing fans breaking through controls to enter the track.

The FIA Stewards have found the promoter of the event in breach of Article 12.2.1.h of the 2023 FIA International Sporting Code, failing to ‘take reasonable measures, thus resulting in an unsafe situation’.

As recollected by the FIA: ‘A large group of spectators managed to break the security lines and accessed the track while the race was still ongoing. The security measures and the protocols which were expected to be in place for the Event were not enforced resulting in an unsafe environment for the spectators, drivers and race officials.

Furthermore, spectators were also able to reach Car n° 27, which was parked at exit of Turn 2 and which still had its light flashing red (i.e. the car was in an unsafe condition with possible electrical discharge). All of this presented significant danger to the spectators ; race officials and the drivers.’

Consequences for the AGPC

The Australian Grand Prix Corporation will now have to present a formal remediation plan after a review of the track breach. Furthermore, the Stewards asked the FIA to determine whether different measures are needed and also referred the incident to the FIA World Motor Sports Council for a further investigation.

Headline Image: DPPI/REX/Shutterstock

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