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Ferrari unveils the sleek looking SF-24

Ferrari is the next team to reveal its newest contender for the 2024 season

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Ferrari pulls the covers off the SF-24 and revealed its 2024 livery.

Ferrari unveils sleek looking SF-24. Photo credits: @F1 on X
Ferrari unveils sleek looking SF-24. Photo credits: @F1 on X

Ferrari enter its second season under Fred Vassuer’s leadership.

The team struggled significantly with reliability and strategy calls in the past couple of years.

Vassuer was announced as team principal last January and straight away started to make key changes to the Ferrari structure, positives started to be seen as the season continued with numerous podiums and pole positions.

The prancing horses finished third overall last season, only three points behind Mercedes.

The third place finish, however, didn’t discredit the Italian team who were the only team to intercept Red Bull’s perfect season. The team showed that they were fast on a one-lap qualifying, however, were unable to match the pace of the Bull’s over a full race.

Ferrari will look to bring the fight to Red Bull this year whilst also trying to fight off McLaren and Mercedes.

Before the unravelling of its newest F1 contender, the team revealed a brand new style of driver suits and fireproofs which provided a little hint into what could be expected of the car.

Let’s meet the SF-24

Ferrari pulled the covers off the SF-24 in a classy style, the team published a video which took a view back into the past, showing the history of the prestigious team.

The car itself unsurprisingly featured Ferrari’s signature bright red, however, this year the team added a slight twist and added lines of white and yellow – showing that weight isn’t a concern for them.

This was added due to the fans response to Ferrari’s one-off livery back in Las Vegas. The livery nods its head to the WEC car which won the Le Mans 24 Hours race last season.

For the technical aspect, Ferrari have gone for a push-rod front suspension and a pull-rod rear suspension.

Leclerc and Sainz express their excitement

Charles Leclerc speaks highly of the new and improved SF-24 commenting on how he hopes it to be a ‘front runner’ this season and with the impressing he’s had so far in the simulator, he believes there is a good chance it can be:

 “I like the look of the car a lot, including the white and yellow parts on the bodywork. But of course, what really interests me is how it will perform on track, as that’s all that matters.

“I expect the car to be a step forward in several areas and from the impression I formed in the simulator I think we’re where we want to be.

“This season the aim is to be front runners all the time and I want to give our fans plenty to cheer about, by dedicating race wins to them.”

Carlos Sainz echoed Leclerc’s thoughts mentioning how excited he is to kickstart the season with the car:

“When I saw the SF-24 for the first time, I couldn’t wait to jump in and fire it up. Now, I’m looking forward to driving it on track to see if it correlates with the feeling I had from the simulator, which is that it’s the step forward we all want.

“We drivers have done our very best to give the engineers precise feedback and I’m sure the workforce in Maranello will have listened to our needs.”

Enrico Gualtieri, Technical Director Power Unit revealed his thoughts about the lengthy calendar challenge the SF-24 will be facing and how the team plan to overcome them:

“We will be tackling more races than in any other year of the championship and that will require us to react more quickly, with fewer hours available on the test bed.

“To prepare for this, we have reviewed all the processes relating to the engine – preparation, signing-off and management – in order to maximise performance.

“Furthermore, we have worked very closely with our partners to further optimise procedures relating to reliability: for example, at the track, thanks to the regular monitoring of the fluids in the car, Shell is able to constantly check on the state of health of the power unit.”

The new SF-24 will be taking to the track next Thursday for pre-season testing in Bahrain. The following week, F1 returns for its opening race kickstarting the 2024 season.

Featured image credits: @F1 on X

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