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Ferrari reach huge development milestone as Sainz demands ‘a lot’ from 2024 car

The Italian outfit will be hoping to challenge Red Bull for Titles this year

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Scuderia Ferrari are believed to have reached minimum weight for their 2024 Formula 1 challenger, the 676.

The Ferrari SF-23 failed to meet Championship expectations as they slumped to third in the year-end Standings (Image Credit: @ScuderiaFerrari on X)

The Maranello-based outfit struggled to compete against the dominant Red Bull throughout 2023, and were pipped to second in the Constructors’ Championship by Mercedes in the latter stages of the season.

Part of their lack of relative pace could have been attributed to their 2023 car, the SF-23, being a little on the heavier side. At six kilograms over the minimum weight limit of 798kg, the SF-23 was potentially losing around 0.15 seconds per lap dependent on the racetrack.

According to however, the upcoming 2024 car, dubbed the 676, has reached the 798kg limit without going over it. This is the first time that Ferrari have managed to build a “light” car since the ground-effect era was ushered in back in 2022.

Along with Team Principal Frédéric Vasseur’s claims that the 676 will feature “95%” new components, this provides a positive outlook for both Ferrari fans and the casual follower hoping for a closer Championship battle this year.

Sainz hoping for “a lot” of changes behind the wheel

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz Jr. is certainly hoping for a massive improvement in 2024. Speaking to AS, the Spaniard explained how the SF-23 proved a challenge to master and how he expects a better race car from the 676 in the upcoming campaign.

He said: “[I want] a lot [from the 676].

“It has been said that it is a car that suits me well, that I like it. Honestly, it has given not only me headaches. I do not enjoying driving it, I have had to adapt to many things and I have had to try many set-up things.”

When asked if he thinks the marque is developing the 2024 car correctly, the 29-year-old added: “I think so… This second half of the [2023] season proves it.

“We set ourselves the goal of maximising the car we had. We made fewer mistakes and a lot of things happened outside of our control. But we managed to maximise the weekend and get the performance out of the car quite well.”

Ferrari’s 2024 challenger will be unveiled on February 13th to much fanfare. But will it achieve the Titles that Maranello have sorely missed for almost twenty years now?

Feature Image Credit: @ScuderiaFerrari on X

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