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Ferrari F1-75
Ferrari F1-75 at its shakedown

Ferrari F1-75: “Not a potentially race winning car”?

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There has been significant discussion surrounding the new Ferrari F1-75 since its reveal yesterday.

A unique approach to the new regulations has been taken by the Scuderia. Some aspects of the car look strikingly different to the other cars released so far.

Whilst this is by no means the finished car that will run in Bahrain, it does give an indication of the direction which the team is going.

Gary Anderson, writing for the Race, has suggested some disappointment in the designs.

He said “it doesn’t really look like a potentially race winning car.

“If this is the real deal, it means everyone else has headed down the wrong avenue”.

The Head of Ferrari’s chassis project engineering, Fabio Montecchi, explained that the design process was reliant on “the creativity and talent of each designer.”

He said that they have had the “courage to choose the most promising solution, even if it’s not the most conventional.”

Matt Somerfield, in his analysis for, highlights the unique sidepods and the other key differences which separates Ferrari.

Somerfield discusses the differences in the floor, particularly in the underfloor tunnel. Ferrari have appeared to “steal some real estate” from the underside of the chassis here, in order to improve the width of the tunnel and improve the airflow.

Mark Hughes, on the F1 site, has shown the stark differences between the Ferrari and the McLaren in their sidepods.

Where McLaren have what Hughes calls “very buff” sidepods, the F1-75’s are much wider. This is to aid the speed of airflow to the floor.

This, combined with the much wider underfloor tunnel entrances, Ferrari hope will help to generate the downforce required.

Hughes says that the wide sidepods combine with this “big cut-out area beneath”. Only the top leading edge of the pods helping to create a high-pressure area, which McLaren’s design focuses on.

However, whilst Somerfield suggests that this is the most complete car we have seen so far, all agree that there will still be major changes to come before testing and the first race weekend in Bahrain.

It will be interesting to see what difference Ferrari’s innovations make compared to the rest of the teams. Will this unique design be a front challenger, or will it struggle compared to its competitors?

Feature Image Credit: Scuderia Ferrari on Twitter

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