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Ferrari deliver verdict on Spanish Grand Prix

Carlos Sainz, Charles Leclerc and Fred Vasseur have made their opinions on the Spanish Grand Prix clear

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Ferrari has delivered their damning verdict on their performance during the Spanish Grand Prix.

Leclerc at the Spanish GP
Charles Leclerc had a horrid weekend at the Spanish Grand Prix which started with him failing to get out of Q1 and qualifying 19th. Image Credit: Getty Images

The Spanish Grand Prix was a weekend where Mercedes made a statement. Despite Carlos Sainz starting on the second row of the grid, and with many thinking he might get a podium at his home Grand Prix, his Ferrari struggled and he only made it home in fifth.

On the other side of the garage, Charles Leclerc had a much better race on Sunday compared to his performance on Saturday but because of his poor qualifying, he struggled to make much of an impact and finished in 11th.

Because of these results, Ferrari has told Formula 1 what they need to do to get back on track and bring the fight to the top three teams.

What Ferrari had to say
On tyres

Leclerc, Sainz and Vasseur all spoke about the race and one thing that kept coming up was tyres. Ferrari notably struggled with tyre management and keeping them in the ideal working zone. Making the issue even harder, the tyre troubles weren’t compound specific as the Hard tyre notably performed very differently on the same car.

Leclerc said, “We ran the same tyre twice in the same race and we went from having a very bad car to quite a good one towards the end of the race.”

Fred Vasseur, Team Principal, echoed Charles’ opinion stating that the tyres were a “nightmare”.

“Charles’ first set of Hards was a sort of a nightmare but then on his last set of the same compound he was happy with the balance: we must assess this inconsistency.”

Carlos Sainz, who was further up the road than Leclerc, believed that the tyres were the main factor in affecting his fight for a podium.

“Unfortunately, we couldn’t fight at the front as our pace is pretty much dictated by tyre management and degradation.”

On reliability and consistency

Because of the Tyre troubles, Leclerc struggled with knowing how his car would perform in different stages of the race.

“Performance was not at all consistent”

Vasseur believes that there is performance inside the Ferrari, however, it is inconsistent and that’s what needs to be addressed.

“Our problem is not our outright performance, it is our lack of consistency..Now we will focus completely on this issue before Canada”.

On future races

Sainz gave a very general message about the future saying that the team will work on their package for upcoming races.

“I know Sundays have been frustrating so far this season, but we gave it our all on track this weekend and we will keep working on this new package and on developing our car”.

Leclerc, who struggled more than Sainz over the weekend, was a lot more detailed in his plan for future races.

“We really must analyse all the data, because while the upgrades seem to work as expected, we are always slightly caught out by what is happening with the tyres … now we will go back to the factory and find out what went wrong yesterday in qualifying because that’s what put us in a tricky situation today.”

“There’s a lot of work to do”

Fred Vasseur is adamant that the car has performance in it and wants to unlock it before the summer races.

“There is something in the car that we must unlock if we want to move forward.”

Will Ferrari have their issues sorted before the Canadian Grand Prix?

Feature Image Credit: Formula 1/Getty Images

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