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Fernando Alonso: “It feels like a victory nearly, and it feels good.”

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Fernando Alonso scored points at home during the Spanish Grand Prix.

Despite Alpine changing Alonso’s power unit ahead of the race, he made his way up the grid.

Alonso admitted:

I’m very happy. Obviously finishing in the points is always the target every weekend and for us after the bad qualifying and the decision to change the engine overnight, it was in a way like sacrificing this weekend [as we] know that it’s very difficult to get points. So now that we got this P9 it feels like a victory nearly, and it feels good. Hopefully we can start from here, maybe five, eight, 10 consecutive races in the points, which is what we need.

For Fernando, it was a magical moment to race in front of loads of supporters.

Alonso added, “Being in the points feels very good. The race was well managed I think – the pace and the tyre management. I had two warnings going outside of Turn 12 so I was worrying that I could make another mistake and have a penalty or something, so I was very careful on that!

The two-time champion recognised that it could only get better. Alonso found his weekend enjoyable. The race feeling was there. From qualifying to race day, Alpine maximised every opportunity possible.

Teammate Esteban Ocon said, “It’s been an awesome race, very pleased. I think there’s nothing we could have done better, Valtteri [Bottas] was too fast in front, we beat both McLarens, we had a mega start, mega first stint, good overtakes, Fernando is in the points as well from last, so awesome. Can’t be more happy with this one and it has a special flavour. It’s very important [to score with both cars], for sure this is something we are lacking a little bit for a couple of races so it it’s good for our championship. We need to figure out qualifying a little bit, get that better for Monaco.

Fernando Alonso is currently 15th with 4 points in the driver standings. Alpine is holding sixth with 34 points in the constructor standings.

Headline Image Credit: F1.

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