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Felipe Massa: ‘I am convinced F1 has not been transparent about what happened to me’

The ex-F1 driver recently went to court to try appeal the 2008 Championship.

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Felipe Massa is looking for ‘justice’ and ‘transparency’ as his legal battle with F1 continues.

Felipe Massa is launching an appeal against the 2008 championships. Photo credits: Paul Gilham via Getty Images
Felipe Massa is launching an appeal against the 2008 championships. Photo credits: Paul Gilham via Getty Images

Ex-Ferrari driver, Felipe Massa announced he would be going to court to try to overturn the events of 2008 and be crowned the World Champion.

This all came to light when former F1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone, came out and said both himself and Max Mosley knew about ‘Crashgate’ which occurred back in 2008 at the Singapore Grand Prix.

The events of the controversial crash didn’t get revealed until the following year when Nelson Piquet Jr. came out and said Renault told him to crash to provide an advantage to teammate, Fernando Alonso.

Ecclestone spoke to F1 Insider where he admitted he had enough evidence to investigate the crash back in 2008 but decided against it to ‘protect the sport’:

“We had enough information [in 2008] to investigate the matter,”

“According to the statutes, however, we would probably have had to cancel the race in Singapore under these conditions. That is, for the championship standings, it would never have happened.”

After finding out the news that both the FIA and Formula One Management knew about the scandal but did nothing about it, Massa decided to launch a court case appealing the race.

The Brazilian looks to have the Singapore Grand Prix cancelled where championship rival Lewis Hamilton gained six points compared to Massa’s zero. When it came down to the final race, on the final lap, Hamilton’s advantage gained in Singapore meant the Brit had to finish only fifth or higher to win the Championship – which is what happened on the final turn.

What Massa had to say

It has been confirmed that the first step has been taken and a formal notice has been sent to the instances of the sport. In light of this news, interviewed Massa. The ex-F1 driver spoke about Ferrari and how the Italian team doesn’t have a reason not to support his appeal:

“I don’t see why Ferrari would not be on my side, because we lost the championship. They took the championship from us, from Ferrari and me. When we hear Toto Wolff talk about 2021, Ferrari must do the same. Ferrari must fight for the good of the team, and I do not see Ferrari looking away from a manipulation of which I have been a victim.”

Jean Todt who was the former Ferrari team principal, and close friend of Massa’s joined the FIA back in 2008. Massa was then asked if Todt supports him and what he makes of the situation:

“He always supports me in everything I do. He has always said on many occasions, that what happened in Singapore was not fair…

“I didn’t really launch this with Jean Todt, with Stefano Domenicali, or with anyone. I went for justice, for the transparency of the sport. That’s where I am going. Everyone who really believes in me – I think most believe in me – can say or do what they want, but I am convinced that F1 has not been transparent about what happened to me, and we will fight to the end.”

Massa said the FIA and Formula 1 have until mid-October to respond to their formal notice before they decide if they will sue or not. Will Massa be crowned the 2008 champion over a decade later?

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