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F3 Feature Race results: Bahrain

Which driver will secure the Feature Race crown in the desert?

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Luke Browning takes the checkered flag after dominating in the first Feature Race of the season.

Browning takes his first win in F3. Photo credits: @Formula3 on X
Browning takes his first win in F3. Photo credits: @Formula3 on X

The first of ten rounds takes place in Bahrain with thirty talented drivers looking to make an impression at the opening race.

The Sprint Race saw a rookie take home the trophy, will another rookie secure a win today or will we see a familiar face back on the top step?

Weekend recap

Thursday saw the first Qualifying session of the season take place with Dino Beganovic starting his season off with the perfect start, achieving pole with a 1:46.431. Luke Browning and Gabriele Mini rounded up the top three in Sakhir.

The following day, the top 12 was reversed with Laurens Van Hoepen taking pole for his inaugural Sprint Race.

Problems for Beganovic and Browning occurred with both drivers being handed a 10-second penalty. Van Hoepen dropped down to second after PREMA rookie Arvid Lindbald took first place and ultimately won.

With the weekend so far rounded up let’s see what happened in the Feature Race.

Lights out

Five lights went out and 22 laps on racing was a go.

Beganovic had a disappointing start, with his PREMA slowing down heading into Turn 1 dropping all the way down into last.

It meant, Luke Browning was leading the pack into Lap 2 with Sami Meguetounif following behind.

In the middle of the pack, Mari Boya was limping around the track after suffering from a rear-left puncture from contact with Oliver Goethe. It only get worse for Boya who was then issued a penalty after speeding in the pitlane.

Further down, Beganovic was in the fight for redemption. After a blow to the start of his race, the Swede set the fastest lap of the race on Lap 3. However, Beganovic had a lot of ground to make up with 18 seconds to the front.

On the other hand, Browning was steadily leading the pack. Just behind him a scrap was breaking out with Christian Mansell and Sami Meguetounif. It was Mansell who won out this time and slotted into second.

The race settles down

Lap 11 saw Beganovic’s quest heating up with the PREMA setting another fastest lap and moving up the board into 19th.

Troubles seemed to arise for race leader Browning. Mansell reported smoke coming from the Brits car, after listening into his onboard it sounded like engine issues were present. However, Browning was still keeping Mansell at bay, suggesting the issues won’t be detrimental to his race.

Mini who dropped down to sixth on the first lap started pushing into Lap 15. The Italian kept chipping away at Ramos for several laps and with tyres degrading significantly, Mini had his shot to overtake. A lock-up meant Mini dropped back and continued sitting in sixth.

On Lap 20 Tim Tamnitz made an incredible overtake diving up the inside and taking third position from Meguetounif.

As the final lap was under way, Browning kept his steady lead with Mansell not wanting to risk his podium. Irishman Alex Dunne, slotted into 9th, securing some points on his opening race.

Beganovic had an impression comeback, the Swede didn’t let his poor start define his day and fought up the ladder finishing in 13th.

Browning began his for the championship in dominant fashion securing his first race after leading from start to finsh.

Mansell crossed next after an excellent driver and rookie Tim Tramnitz grabbed the final podium position.

The top 10
  1. Browning
  2. Mansell
  3. Tramnitz
  4. Megeutounif
  5. Ramos
  6. Mini
  7. Fornaroli
  8. Lindbald
  9. Dunne
  10. Goethe

Full results can be found here

Featured image credits: @Formula3 on X

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