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Doohan Pourchaire Formula 2
The 2023 Formula 2 class photo (Image Credit: Joe Portlock - Getty Images)

F2: Pourchaire and Doohan predict close title fight in 2023

Two of the drivers already touted as title contenders speak on what will likely be a close fight

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The Formula 2 championship fight is going to be tough, according to Theo Pourchaire and Jack Doohan.

Formula 2 Doohan Pourchaire
The nine 2023 Formula 2 rookies and returning driver Juan Manuel Correa (Image Credit: Joe Portlock – Getty Images)

Between nine rookies and 13 drivers with Formula 2 experience, there’s a lot of talent on the grid this year. Some of them are already polesitters and race winners in the category, while others come with plenty of acclaim from Formula 3.

Only one driver can win the 2023 title, but who is it going to be? Will it be a rookie, or a driver in their second, third, or fourth season?

Close championship fight

Two of the more credible title contenders are third-year driver Theo Pourchaire racing with ART Grand Prix and second-year Virtuosi Racing driver Jack Doohan.

In a media session ahead of the first race weekend at Bahrain, FormulaNerds asked these two drivers what they expected from the title fight. 

Doohan is focused on his own charge as opposed to the drivers around him but admitted that a lot of drivers and teams will be in close contention.

“I think personally, you know, for the championship battle, it’s difficult to say,” he commented. “Testing is testing like we all know, and it can be quite different than tomorrow evening, but I think the top five teams and even top six teams are quite strong and there’s quite a lot of strong drivers and talented drivers in the field, so I think any of them on their day in a good feeling with the car and the team as well can fight for poles and race wins.

“So it’ll be interesting, there’s a few that come to mind, but yeah, I think the majority is to focus on ourselves. I think it’s going to be a strong year, but I look forward to the challenge of hopefully multiple contenders.”

Pourchaire is also anticipating a tough challenge from a plethora of drivers, saying: “I mean, I feel like there’s a good five or seven drivers who can fight for race wins and maybe a good position, in the end, to maybe fight for the title. So yeah, it’s going to be a very tough championship this year, but let’s see. We will see after two or three weekends we will have an idea of the contenders.”

Pourchaire on improving qualifying

The French driver is entering his third season of Formula 2, having finished fifth in 2021 and second in 2022. A run of tough luck towards the end of last season hindered his ability to fight closely for the title, something he’s hoping to avoid this year.

Abu Dhabi Pourchaire
Pourchaire on track during Formula 2 qualifying in Abu Dhabi last season (Image Credit: Joe Portlock – Getty Images)

“The last four races of the year last year, they were difficult,” Pourchaire told FormulaNerds. “But yeah, we had also many many issues: we were fighting on track, having contact with other drivers. So it was like only bad luck, and I mean I don’t look too much into those races. If I think about Abu Dhabi last race was pretty good, quali was very nice. Unfortunately, we finished only P3 behind the DAMS, but they were really good.

So you know, I will try just to push a bit more myself, and to try to extract everything from myself. Qualifying is very different from the races, I feel like in the races I’m doing a pretty good job, I can still improve for sure, everyone can improve. But in qualifying it’s very different, you need to extract everything, you need to take risks, and to push a lot which is something sometimes that is difficult for me. So yeah, I will try to improve that, I’m sure I will improve it, and let’s see this weekend.”

Even if Pourchaire has good luck, he’ll still have plenty of other drivers, Doohan included, to contend for the title with. Will one of them become the 2023 Formula 2 champion, or will it be someone else?

Feature Image Credit: @Formula2 on Twitter

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