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MP Motorsport Daruvala Formula 2

F2: Daruvala joins MP Motorsport for 2023

Jehan Daruvala is headed for his fourth Formula 2 season, now without Red Bull backing

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MP Motorsport announced Jehan Daruvala as their second Formula 2 driver, completing the 2023 grid.

MP Motorsport Daruvala Formula 2
Daruvala celebrates first place in the 2022 Formula 2 Feature Race in Monza (Image Credit: Alex Pantling – Getty Images)

Daruvala is switching teams for the third time for what will be his fourth season in Formula 2. After two seasons in the category with Carlin Racing, the Indian driver switched to the usually dominant PREMA Racing for 2022.

Unluckily for Daruvala, PREMA didn’t have quite the year they normally do, and he finished seventh overall, unable to improve on his results from the previous season. Still, 2022 was not without its successes as he scored a total of eight podiums, one of them a race win.

Now, Daruvala joins his former PREMA teammate Dennis Hauger at MP Motorsport, the team that took Felipe Drugovich to the 2022 championship. Notably, he’ll be doing so without Red Bull’s backing.

For the first three seasons of his Formula 2 career, Daruvala was a member of the Red Bull junior team. But the Formula 1 outfit recently posted their official list of junior drivers for 2023, and Daruvala was absent from the list.

With no Formula 1 team backing him, Daruvala will be fighting hard in 2023, not just for the Formula 2 title but for the attention of other teams at the top.

Joining MP Motorsport

“I’m really pleased to be back in FIA Formula 2,” said Daruvala. “And to be able to team up with MP Motorsport makes it extra special.

“Last year, I was stunned by MP’s remarkably consistent front-running pace, and in 2023 I hope to be the beneficiary of that myself!

“Together with Dennis, I’m confident that our combined experience and speed will contribute to MP fighting for wins once again. I really enjoyed working with the team in the post-season test and look forward to 2023 testing and the season that lies ahead.”

MP Motorsport’s Team Principal Sander Dorsman commented: “At MP, we are delighted to welcome Jehan to our FIA F2 team. He has been a consistent frontrunner right from his debut in the category, taking wins in every F2 season he has competed in.

“Also, matching him up with Dennis will allow us to build on a smooth cooperation between teammates who already know each other well. With such a strong driver pairing for 2023, I can’t wait to go racing!”

Fortunately for Dorsman, there’s not much longer to wait now before the 2023 season gets going. In just six weeks Formula 2 racing kicks off in Bahrain. Now that the grid is complete, it’s just a matter of waiting for what should be an exciting season to get going.

Feature Image Credit: MP Motorsport

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