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PODCAST: F1’s Biggest Conspiracy Theories – Part 2

It's back by popular demand... The FormulaNerds are back together to discuss the second round of F1's Biggest Conspiracy Theories.

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In this week’s episode, we have Cal, Oli, Sam, Grace and Oli‘s tinfoil hat. They discuss the biggest F1 conspiracy theories (Oli‘s hat doesn’t contribute that much!)

Grace starts off with possibly the biggest of them all: Was 2021 a complete fix?

  • She takes us through the season and points out some of the more peculiar moments from the past season. She then puts forward three main questions. 1) Was it Liberty Media fixing the season? 2) Was it Netflix trying to get more drama? 3) Was it Michael Masi on Red Bull’s payroll? Of course, the group disagrees!

Then Oli tells the group about his theory surrounding Fernando Alonso and Crashgate.

  • This follows on from Part 1 where the team discussed the huge Spygate scandal. Did Alonso know about the plan? Was Alonso the driving force of the whole plan? Who knows? What we do know is that the group discusses it at great length.

Sam brings up a very, ahem, dodgy situation about the Ferrari engines.

  • The Ferrari engine scandal was blasted across a lot of mainstream media, not just F1 new sources. Yet, no one knows the settlement or the outcome of the trial.

Finally, Cal brings us to the very dubious world of money and sponsorships.

  • Is F1 a major actor in a high-scale money laundering scam. Were some of the dodgier sponsorships we have seen over the years just a cover for even murkier financial activities?

The gang hasn’t shied away from talking about the most controversial conspiracies. It’s not one to miss!


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