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Fred Vasseur and Charles Leclerc in Fiorano.
Fred Vasseur and Charles Leclerc in Fiorano. Image Credit: Scuderia Ferrari on Twitter

Vasseur shares secrets on Ferrari 2023 F1 car

New Ferrari Team Principal Fred Vasseur spills the beans on the highly-anticipated 2023 Formula One car

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Ferrari team principal Frédéric Vasseur has shared a crucial element of the new 2023 Ferrari F1 car prior to its launch on the 14th of February.

In his first interview with the Ferrari media team, Vasseur admitted that he shouldn’t be giving anything away about the new car, however, he was willing to give up one key piece of information.

The car will be red.”

Fred Vasseur at Ferrari.
MARANELLO F1/2023F1/2023 © Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

Okay, joking aside, it’s nice the see that the new Ferrari team boss has got a sense of humour. Tasked with a stressful winter takeover and tight turnaround before the start of the new season, Vasseur opened up on how his first couple of weeks have been in Maranello.

“So far, so good. It’s quite intense, as you can imagine because it’s very short notice between the beginning of January and the first test on track,” he said.

It means I need to get up to speed to do the job. But so far so good.”

Getting down to business

The Frenchman said he is focused on getting to know the people in the team, stating the importance of introducing himself to the individuals.

“The most important thing for me in the end, from the first couple of weeks, is to get to know the people,” he explained.

“I think it’s very important in my position to know the maximum amount of people. To have a one-to-one with them and discuss with them about themselves and myself, more than discuss about the organisation, I want to know the individual. I met quite a lot already, but there are still some guys to meet.”

Ferrari team boss Fred Vasseur meeting staff and Arthur Leclerc.
Vasseur getting to know the Ferrari team | © Scuderia Ferrari Press Office
Fired up Ferrari

The 54-year-old spoke on the mood inside the Ferrari camp, touching on the encouraging atmosphere amongst the Italian team.

“It’s very positive. I think that everybody is very focused and very committed,” he said.

“We know that every season, it’s always the same story, that we can’t wait for the launch of the car and the first test, that we know perfectly well that between the launch, the first test and race one, it will be very compressed this season and we have to be ready from day one.

But the mood is positive. The energy is there and we are all very focused.”

Vasseur also revealed his conversations with the team’s drivers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

“We had a very long chat after the announcement. I know both of them pretty well,” he said.

It was important for me to understand their mood, their feeling, and what they were thinking about the last seasons.

“I have the advantage today that we are keeping the same line-up. For me, it’s also much easier to understand exactly the situation, and as I know both of them pretty well, the integration was also much quicker.”

While Vasseur may not be giving away any major details about the new car, it’s clear that he is focused on building a positive and productive environment within the team. With the same lineup of drivers from the previous season, it will be interesting to see how Ferrari performs in the upcoming Formula One season. With last season tainted by strategy mishaps, the team in red will be under the microscope this season, meaning even less room for error.

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