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Red Bull Racing's 2023 F1 car could be getting a makeover

How Red Bull’s logo may be BANNED from the Singapore Grand Prix

Red Bull Racing may not be able to display their logo on next year's F1 car at the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix, due to new government measures as part of Singapore’s 'War on Diabetes', writes Jay Winter

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Red Bull‘s livery may require drastic changes in order to comply with Singapore’s Ministry of Health’s latest law. MOH will introduce mandatory nutrition labels and advertising prohibitions for ‘Nutri-Grade beverages’, which will take effect from 30 December 2022 onwards.

Max Verstappen racing under the lights in Singapore
F1‘s Max Verstappen racing for Red Bull under the lights in Singapore (Photo credit: Getty Images)

The Singapore Government has decided to introduce measures for drinks which they classify as ‘Nutri-Grade beverages’. According to the government website, Nutri-Grade beverages include: “prepacked beverages that are ready to consume and are packed or made up in advance ready for sale in packages and beverages dispensed from automated beverage dispensers, which are machines that dispense non-prepacked beverages according to a pre-fixed formula, with no option for a prospective purchaser of the beverage to customise the amount of any ingredient in the beverage.

The new measures are part of Singapore’s efforts to combat the rising incidence of diabetes in the country. The Ministry of Health has also introduced the Nutri-Grade system, which grades prepacked beverages based on their nutritional value. Beverages graded “A” are considered the healthiest, while those graded “D” are considered the least healthy.

So what does this mean for Red Bull?

If Red Bull’s drinks are graded “D” on the Nutri-Grade scale, then the brand will be prohibited from advertising their brand across all media platforms. As Red Bull is far more than just an energy drink company now, Red Bull will argue that the logo on the side of the car stands for the racing team and not their canned beverage.

It remains to be seen how the new advertising prohibitions will affect other Nutri-Grade beverage companies and their ability to advertise at the Singapore Grand Prix. The Ministry of Health has stated that their priority is to promote healthier beverage choices and reduce the prevalence of diabetes in Singapore.

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