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Danica Patrick faces backlash for Las Vegas Grand Prix fan remarks

Danica Patrick faces criticism for urging fans who witnessed just nine minutes of action at the Las Vegas Grand Prix to purchase full weekend tickets next year

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Sky Sports presenter and former racing car driver, Danica Patrick, has stirred controversy by suggesting that fans who saw just nine minutes of the action at the Las Vegas Grand Prix should consider purchasing tickets for the entire weekend next year.

Charles Leclerc on track during practice ahead of the F1 Grand Prix of Las Vegas at Las Vegas Strip Circuit (Image Credit: Jared C. Tilton – Getty Images)

The remark followed in response to the chaos caused in FP1 by a loose drain cover, which led to a two-and-a-half-hour delay in FP2 as organizers worked fast and hard to rectify the issues.

Drain cover chaos and disappointed fans

Unfortunately, some fans, who braved the cold Las Vegas weather, staying at the circuit into the early hours of Saturday morning, were forced to leave before the start of FP2 due to safety and logistical concerns.

The controversial move to evacuate fans before the commencement of the second practice session ignited a wave of discontent among spectators, leading to widespread criticism. The dissatisfaction stemmed from the perception that those who had purchased practice tickets felt shortchanged, as they were afforded a paltry nine minutes of actual on-track action.

This decision left many fans scratching their heads at how thorough the organizers were in the lead-up to the inaugural race on Sunday.

Danica’s off-key comments

Patrick, speaking on Sky Sports F1 ahead of FP3, appeared to defend the controversial decision, asserting that the Las Vegas Grand Prix is about “more than just the cars”. She suggested that the glitzy event encompasses various elements, that transcend beyond just the racing aspect of the weekend ahead.

“Maybe it’ll drive them to get tickets for next year so that they can see the whole thing or buy a whole weekend pass,” Patrick commented, seemingly downplaying the importance of the on-track experience. Despite acknowledging the track’s regret over the situation, she emphasized the broader spectacle, including suites, views, entertainment, and opening ceremonies.

“It’s everything around the cars, not just the cars and so I’m sure that they were able to enjoy that. The suites, the views, the entertainment and the opening ceremonies were stunning and there are just so many things about this city.”

Patrick concluded, brushing off the discontent among fans who had hoped for a more substantial and fulfilling experience during the Las Vegas Grand Prix, saying: “People come to Vegas for Vegas so they still have plenty to do. Obviously a really unfortunate situation but I think in the end, it’ll all be great.”

Feature Image Credit: Chris Graythen – Getty Images

  1. Danica speaks frankly but since she hasn’t been on the same $$$$ level as many fans for many years I’m sure she has no idea where they are coming from
    It’s called being grounded
    Sorry Danica that’s the way it is

    1. Danica Patrick is an idiot. Even professional people are dumb. That’s good to know. She doesn’t realize how EXPENSIVE those tickets are. !!!!! Let Danica pay for people’s weekend pass

    1. She needs to keep her trap shut, her last four or so comments were unnecessary, especially about Truex, when is she gonna learn to leave it alone, fans of what are or or were real racers have more than once recommended she just keep out of others business both on and off the track.

  2. Some of what Danica says I agree with but not with this completely. Yeah, if you can buy a whole weekend ticket but not everyone can. True racing fans come to see the cars on track!! I would’ve been so disappointed. But you know in her racing days she had a hard time keeping her car on the track so yeah, I guess she knows more of off track action then on.

  3. What she and F1 fail to realize is that folks don’t have thousands of dollars to blow on a race to see everything, and as fans, they were paying what they could to enjoy a sport they like but one that clearly doesn’t care about them at all. And on top of that, throwing out people who bought tickets because you planned poorly (logistical concerns is code for “we didn’t want to pay overtime) and then offering them a means to spend $200 on the F1 site is insulting. Give them a refund so you can pretend that this sport doesn’t only cater to the wealthy.

  4. Las Vegas locals were only offered discounted tickets for one night, Thursday (sold not long before the event). They represented a good number of the single night ticket holders.

    These locals weren’t even given a chance to decide if F1 was worth the months of considerable inconvenience & were then initially disregarded by F1.

    Danica’s comment was obtuse at best.

  5. Danica comments just shows how far out of touch she is with the fans
    A very good portion of the fans have jobs
    So some people can’t afford or have time to do all she wants
    Maybe she could start a grants program where she gives money to people to get them to see all
    She can afford ut I am sure

  6. I for one, would like to know who in the PR room of broadcasting executives had the kahunnas to bring up Danicas name and then sell it to the suits. I want that guy to sell my home when I’m ready! He can sell anything! Danica, you rrrr the weakest link, Goodbye!

  7. I don’t get the reports of driving 10hrs to watch fp1 and 2. Despite drain issue, its a street circuit, a wipe out cld also easily red flag. If yr local and can’t afford full weekend, sure. But driving so far for just fp1 and 2?to me it wld be like driving 10hrs to go to the movies to just watch the advertisements. If I cldnt afford full weekend ticket, and I lived a long way away, that’s why they invented the TV…

  8. So those of us who spent a lot on this trip to witness this event,and travelled from outside the United States had full weekend pass. So to suggest we purchase a full weekend pass was a thoughtless suggestion. But then again what does one expect from Dannica Patrick, certainly no sensible remarks. One word…dumb!

  9. Outrage culture.

    If she spoke out like Verstappen, and called Vegas a sh*tshow, she’d be criticized for being negative.

    When she speaks in a positive way, trying to put a silver lining to what was the first race that’s bound to have issues, she gets criticized for being out of touch.

    Does everyone wake up looking for things to be angry about these days?

  10. Danica has done a lot for auto racing and given girls and young women an increased interest in the male dominated sport. Should she be a little more discreet with personal opinions? Probably. The trouble with the manhole covers has happened at other tracks as well. If ai had shelled out all the money, I would be pretty unhappy as well. F1 is expensive. The best drivers in the world ( they can turn left AND drive in the rain.) No whining that this manufacturer is better than ours. No rules that everyone has to have the exact same parts. Go back and design a better car!!!! I look forward to going next year. As for the cold weather… it happens. Vegas gets cold in the winter.

  11. Keep Danica. She’s not wrong, right?

    The world we live in is sad enough without people lying to themselves. We need more truth.

    Stop the lies. Stop the betrayals. Stop the ignorance. Stop the discrimination.

    It’s time for grown-ups to grow up.

    Lastly, stop spreading rhetorical nonsense for the sake of inflating other people’s mental garbage. These articles are just wasting so much human life.

  12. Leave her alone! F1 should ask Danica to get in the cockpit of one of those flying caskets and jockey with the young guns? The class action suit will teach the F1 Brass not screw with Las Vegas!

  13. Not only these comments but also ones made about Redbull’s qualifying “strategy” just shows her disconnect from the sport. She beats up on Perez and where he started on the grid. Yes its about the cars! And about where the drivers and manufactures finish! Red Bull P1 and P3 Max winning 18 of 21 and a podium for Perez. Explain to me what was wrong with their “strategy”. Current #1 said he felt “like a clown” during that “stunning” opening ceremony. Maybe if she focused on here car instead of what was around it she may have had a more memorable RACING career.

  14. Danica is not and never will be a race commentator. Hell, she wasn’t even that much of a driver either. Danica you hove nothing to offer F1. You are out of your league. Boaring, meaningless commentary. Please retire for good.

  15. Pretty sure she was told to tell people to buy tickets for next year. Everything I’ve read though indicates F1 racing was an epic fail with fans being on the losing end.

  16. Indeed, Vegas is all about the show. F1 provided an extremely poor show, at outrageous pricing, if you want to include “everything”. They answer to the crap Thursday night section of the event is not to buy the other nights next year. The answer is for the product to be better and provide a valid reason to invest in more. Danica, who has always been motivated by the jingle in her paycheque more than actually providing interesting racing entertainment, ought to save her thoughts for her own amusement. Or show more cleavage, since that’s really her contribution to the sport.

  17. This all comes down to F1 and the promoters not properly preparing the track surface – why should fans who paid good money to watch this practice be dismissed with a shrug of the shoulders?

  18. I think Danica has added a great new dimension to Sky’s F1 coverage – as has Naomi – but, she should be aware that many fans who would love to attend an entire weekend struggle to buy a one-day ticket. A merchandise credit would be poor compensation for being ejected from the stand after only a few minutes “action”. My husband and I would love to attend an F1 race but could never afford a F1 day/weekend pass together with the associated travel and accommodation.

  19. She is completely wrong with what she says. Most people in attendance were there mostly for the qualifying. The build-up to it, including the nauseating driver introductions are of little interest to most F1 fans.

  20. Can Sky just get rid of Danica already. She’s a terrible announcer. Doesn’t matter what autosport she’s covering as the “expert” everything that comes out of her mouth is cringeworthy and Sky would do themselves a favor by not renewing her contract.

  21. Her comments about Logan Sergeant were in appropriate too! Seriously, he didn’t work his way up the ranks? She sounds pretty bitter, jealous and angry–she is simply speaking out of terms on many levels right now about Formula 1. Did she ever race in F1? Indy? Maybe going in circles made her dizzy. She needs to go back to her Auto insurance commercials!

  22. Whenever I see her on TV I either turn the channel or hit the mute button. Couldn’t drive worth anything and is a lousy commentator. Some one please get her out of F1 as she ruins the show with useless babble.

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