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Susie and Toto Wolff

F1 teams deny Wolff conflict of interest complaints amidst FIA investigation

The investigation into the Wolffs has been met with controversy

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F1 teams release identical statements denying alleged conflict of interest complaints. 

Susie Wolff, managing director of F1 academy
Susie Wolff was quick to deny any allegations of wrongdoing. (Image credit: Formula 1)

It had been claimed by Business F1 magazine that rival teams had raised complaints against Susie and Toto Wolff. The teams’ concerns were that supposedly confidential information was being shared by the couple.

An announcement from the FIA shortly followed, stating that a compliance investigation was being launched. The governing body is to examine claims that “information of a confidential nature” was being shared between “an F1 team principal” and “a member of FOM personnel”.

Both F1 and Susie Wolff – the managing director of F1 Academy – were quick to respond to the FIA’s statement. F1 offered a flat denial of the allegations, stating:

“We have complete confidence that the allegations are wrong, and we have robust processes and procedures that ensure the segregation of information and responsibilities in the event of any potential conflict of interest.”

News of the investigation has been met with objection, with both Susie Wolff and others drawing attention to the arguably “misogynistic” nature of the allegations. Taking to social media, Wolff described the claims as “baseless”. She added that she finds it “disheartening” that her “integrity” has been “called into question”.

F1 teams deny allegations

All F1 teams – excluding Mercedes – have been firm in the denial against the allegations that complaints had been made against the couple. Identical statements were released by the teams on Wednesday afternoon, repudiating the claims in no uncertain terms. The statements read:

“We can confirm that we have not made any complaint to the FIA regarding the allegation of information of a confidential nature being passed between an F1 team principal and a member of FOM staff.”

Each team added that it is “pleased and proud to support F1 Academy and its managing director”. The coordinated nature of the statements seems indicative of a divide between Formula 1 and the FIA.

Featured Image Credit: The Mirror

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