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F1 Sprint Race to become standalone events next season?

According to F1 Chief Ross Brawn, in a Exclusive Interview for, the F1 could decide to change Sprint Qualifs to Sprint Races as standalone events next season.


For the second time this season, the F1 is hosting a race weekend with the new sprint race format. As we know, Sprint Races this season will determine the starting grid for Sunday’s Grand Prix.

It will also gives points to the top 3 at the end of these 100km.

Following the first test in Silverstone, people were complaining about the pole position system because as we know, the Qualifying format usually on saturday is, during Sprint Races on Friday.

Unfortunately for lots of people, it doesn’t give the pole position to the fastest driver. Indeed, it’s the Sprint Race winner that is given the pole.


2022 may change that.

In a interview for, F1 chief Ross Brawn talked about considering Sprint Race as standalone events during race weekend.

The sprint race could become an event on saturday for the drivers and fans. The friday qualifying could decide the starting grid for both: the sprint and the race.

“I think that we’ll have to look at the number of points awarded, and how do we determine the starting grid. So should it just be what was done on Friday?

“As you know, Perez dropped out at Silverstone [in the sprint] and then obviously his Sunday race was heavily compromised. So should we determine the starting order on Friday for both Saturday and Sunday?

This will allow drivers to earn more point during the sprint. But it will also bring challenges within the championship.


Surprisingly, the standalone idea came from drivers and teams during a feedbacks meeting following the British GP.
Brawn said “We had a chat with the drivers after Silverstone, and they were broadly positive with lots of constructive comments”.

He explains that “as a number of people have raised, they raised the issue of pole position. They raised the issue of perhaps the event being more standalone, rather than being a sequential event with qualifying and then the race.”

One thing is clear, the Formula 1 will wait after testing the format at Monza and Interlagos to get more feedbacks. F1 needs more views over the situation to decide whether or not should they keep it this way in 2022.

Nevertheless, Ross Brawn said that it will be one format, regardless the decision, the F1 will supposedly keep only one: “I think if we start varying things too much it can be a little bit confusing for our fans. So I imagine it’s going to be one format.”

Could sprint races be standalone events for 2022?

From what Brawn told there are still some issues they need to work on, questions they need to have answers to before doing anything.

Everything is being looked at, to make the best decision for the sport itself and as he said:“I think that will be probably the key issue, whether we make another step and make it standalone”

“There’s a number of things we can do, and number of ways we could do it. So I think that’s being studied at the moment. There are some ideas, and we’ll present them to the FIA and the teams and go from there.”

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