F1 Renews Deal With Spain Until 2026

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Formula 1 has renewed its deal with the Spanish circuit, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, which sees the track on the calendar until 2026.

The circuit that was first used in 1991 by Formula 1 is set to have changes made ahead of the 2022 Spanish Grand Prix, which is scheduled for May 22nd.

The upgrades will be made to the track and the facilities and they will contribute to the sustainability plans of the circuit.

Stefano Domenicali, President and CEO of F1, has said that they are “delighted” about the deal.

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“I want to thank the promoter and the authorities for their enthusiasm and commitment to keeping Formula 1 in Barcelona, with improvements that will be made to the track and facilities, and continuing our long history together.”

Lewis Hamilton beat title rival Max Verstappen at the Spanish Grand Prix earlier this year. It has always been a track that drivers and teams all look forward to competing at, and Spanish fans get to see their two “national heroes”, Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso.

MotoGP has renewed its agreement with Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya until 2026 as well.

Feature Image Credit: formula1.com

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