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F1 movie production ‘will be quite invasive’ to teams, says Domenicali

The F1-inspired Hollywood film starring Brad Pitt will shortly begin shooting at Silverstone

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The CEO of the Formula One Group, Stefano Domenicali, has admitted that filming of the upcoming F1 movie starring Brad Pitt will be difficult to work around on race weekends.

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Domenicali at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (Image Credit: Hassan Bratic Picture Alliance)

The high-budget Hollywood movie will begin production shortly in and around the Silverstone International Circuit, but will also take place at other F1 venues while both teams and drivers and preparing for racing. The film was announced in June last year and will feature on Apple TV.

Domenicali admits that teams will have to put up with actors, cameramen and other personnel moving around and getting in the way at some of the 20 races remaining of the 2023 season. He said at a recent meeting of F1 investors: “Actually, we’re going to start the shooting in Silverstone very soon, and you will see it will be the first movie when basically, they will be within the racing event.”

“It will be quite invasive in terms of production. It’s something that we need to control in a way, but it will be another way of showing that F1 never stops.”

The importance of an F1 film
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Drive to Survive film crew (Image Credit: XPB Images)

The question is why allow something that is going to hinder and frustrate competitors?

Domenicali believes that having a movie about the F1 will be beneficial in bringing the sport to an even wider audience. He said: “That’s another way to show what we want to do, something different.”

“We understand the power of it. And then we added the very strong presence with social media, making sure that all our drivers and teams are very active in promoting the sport. And that’s another tool with the movie.”

Although hit Netflix show Drive to Survive has proven hugely successful and brought a massive influx of fans into following F1, the series is not expected to last forever. And even if it did, viewership numbers have decreased slightly and will continue to do so until it fades into obscurity.

The higher-ups at F1 are keen to explore other avenues of promoting the sport and have landed on a blockbuster film to help increase public interest even more.

Some of the teams and key personnel from the world of F1 are expected to appear in the movie. Lewis Hamilton has already been announced as one of the producers and consultants for the film, and will likely be collaborating with the likes of Pitt and Director John Kosinski.

Feature Image Credit: XPB Images

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