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F1: How the new Show and Tell sessions will work

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2022 is the year of rule changes in Formula 1. In addition to the new generation of cars, a modified weekend timetable promises to bring yet another change to the world of Formula 1. Until now, Media Day took place on the Thursday of each race weekend, when press conferences etc., were held.

F1 will now move the media day to Friday morning. The restructuring ensures that drivers spend less time at the race track.

One significant change is that the teams have to submitname and brief description of all major aerodynamic and bodywork components and assemblies” to the FIA by Thursday afternoon at the latest.

Initially, it was planned that this reference specification would only have to be reported to the FIA. However, F1 sees advantages in also bringing the teams’ technical developments closer to the media and spectators. In doing so, they also take account of the start of a new era in the sport.

What is new?

Before the start of the first free practice session on Friday, but at the latest 90 minutes before, a ‘pre-event automobile display‘ will be held to inform and explain the changes to previous races to the media.

During this exhibition, the teams must provide both cars. They must already be equipped with “all major aerodynamic and bodywork parts to be used when the car leaves the pit lane for the first time” before the start of practice. The media can observe the cars outside the garage.

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Another round of introductions will take place after qualifying when the specifications of the race cars are set in the parc fermé. Thirty minutes after the chequered flag of qualifying, five teams must provide a car to be selected by the race director.

During this presentation, each team must provide a senior figure for a media session to explain any aerodynamic and bodywork changes that have been made to the car since Friday’s presentation.

When Ross Brawn, F1 managing director, spoke about the plans for the ‘show and tell’ changes, he stated that these introductions would “create another nuance and other interest in the sport“.

Even though this will make the technical changes to the cars over the season more transparent to the fans, the teams will continue to do everything they can to ensure that they do not pass on any critical information to their opponents about these exhibitions.

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