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F1 claim Brad Pitt movie ‘on schedule’ despite strikes and scrapped footage reports

Formula 1 have clapped back at reports the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster could be dead in the water

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The as yet unnamed Formula One-inspired movie, starring Brad Pitt and directed by Lewis Hamilton, is keeping to a 2025 release despite actor strikes and reports of scrapped footage.

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The names of Sonny Hayes (Brad Pitt) and Joshua Pearce (Damson Idris) displayed above garages during the British Grand Prix weekend (Image Credit: XPB Images)

Earlier reports suggested that millions of dollars worth of filming had to be reshot as a result of the writer’s strike started by the SAG-AFTRA union. Furthermore, it was believed that a change in sponsorship would render all footage, including shots taken during the British Grand Prix weekend, completely unusable.

This has since been debunked, with a spokesperson for F1 responding to MailOnline: “The movie is still on schedule for its original 2025 release timeframe. All footage captured this year is relevant.”

“It will continue shooting at Grands Prix in 2024, with Brad and Damson driving actual cars on track for racing sequences. The movie will ensure continuity with the 2023 F1 season in footage captured in 2024.”

“There are no changes to any movie sponsors, and all are committed for the duration of the project. The production has been adapting its schedule before and during the SAG strike and has planned to shoot into 2024 for some time.”

The 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike lasted for 118 days, and put filming for the upcoming F1 movie on hold for its entire duration. But with scores settled over streaming residuals and usage of AI in film, we can expect Pitt, executive producer Lewis Hamilton and the remaining crew to get back to work as soon as possible.

Excitement and dismay in equal measure

Seven-time World Champion Hamilton has stated his excitement in portraying the adrenaline-fuelled and high stakes environment of F1 to a wider audience.

He said: “There are nerves because it is something we’ve been working on for so long… we want everyone to love it and to really feel that we encapsulate what the essence of this sport is all about.”

While many are looking forward to seeing and experiencing F1 on the big screen, others have criticised the disruption caused by the intense filming and extra personnel proving a distraction for drivers and teams over real Grand Prix weekends.

Even F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali admitted as such, claiming production would prove “quite invasive”. With more filming due to take place over the 2024 season, there are hopes that the stars will stay out of the way as traditional F1 fans attempt stay focussed on the racing.

Feature Image Credit: Formula 1 via Getty Images

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