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Hamda Al Qubaisi achieving her first win in F1 Academy

F1 Academy: The Story of Hamda Al Qubaisi’s heart-warming Recovery

Hamda Al Qubaisi took her first win and another podium at Valencia

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Hamda Al Qubaisi achieved her first win in F1 Academy just 75 days after she was told she couldn’t race for the next four months.

Photo credits: Eric Alonso, Getty Images

Earlier this year Hamda Al Qubaisi was announced as one of the drivers who will be joining F1 Academy. She started the season with a podium finish in the inaugural race and sat third in the standings.

This week she travelled to Valencia to compete in round two of F1 Academy. She took second place in qualifying with Nerea Martì in front of her. Al Qubaisi took the lead on the first turn of the race and crossed the line with a 7.1-second gap to Martì. Al Qubaisi took first place and achieved her first win in F1 Academy just 75 days after she had a big incident.

The incident

Earlier this year, Hamda was competing in the UAE Formula 4 championship. She previously raced in this championship three times, achieving 18 podiums and 5 wins.

The season finale took place on the Yas Marina track back in February of this year. On the last lap, Frederico Rifai spun out on the last lap. Al Qubaisi was unable to avoid his car causing her to hit the wall at extreme speed.

The steering wheel sadly broke her wrist and radius, and she was hospitalised. The surgery lasted four hours, a titanium plate and ten screws were put into her wrist.

In an Instagram update her father, Khaled Al Qubaisi expressed how unfortunate it was but was so proud of how she performed in the final few races.

In a recent video on TikTok, Al Qubaisi shared video footage of her recovering in the hospital and the amount of therapy she had to go through to relearn how to move her arm again.

The video showed Al Quabaisi smiling and joking with the doctors throughout her time there and how she kept persevering to make sure she can return to the track one day.

She mentioned in the caption of her video how “it was the hardest weeks of my life, but also the best weeks because it changed my perspective and approach towards many things. I took this challenge with a smile instead of a frown and looked at the bright side. I can finally say that I am proud of myself.”

Photo credits: Eric Alonso, Getty Images
Getting back on track

Although doctors told her that she wouldn’t be able to drive for four months she always remained in high spirits. Six weeks later she returned to the track in preparation for F1 Academy. Her hard work and motivation to get back to racing paid off and 75 days after her horrible accident she took her first win.

After her emotional win, she gave an insight into how she is now dealing with her wrist and the everyday issues she faces with it.

“I still do not have the best movement in my thumb, with the pain I have in the race it’s very difficult. I am trying my best to stay focused on the race and I try to get my mind off it and when I do that I forget about the pain. The pain is almost gone but when I come back and stop the car, the pain comes back.”

This weekend saw F1 Academy change their weekend format, it meant races one and two were on the same day and race three would be on the Sunday. This is a change from Austria where all three races took place on one day.

FormulaNerds asked Al Qubaisi how she felt about this change and if she prefers it more on two days rather than all on the same day.

“For me, it is about my arm, in Red Bull it was too much for my arm. I struggled enough in qualifying. So, for me, for it all to be in one day it was really hard for me in Austria. I managed to do it because it’s not such a physical track. When I heard it would be spread over two days, I was happy because this [Valencia] is such a physical track and it was too much for my right arm so this is better for me.”

The strength Hamda Al Qubaisi showed is incredible, for the past two rounds of the season she has shown just how talented she is and that her broken wrist would not stand in her way to continue racing. Her story is a beautiful reminder that anything is possible if you put the hard work in to achieve it.

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