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F1 Academy reveals key details for all-women series

The F1 academy is all all-new category premiering in 2023 that will serve as a feeder series for female talent

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The brand-new F1 Academy has shared new details, giving an insight into how it will operate as a feeder series for Formula 1.

F1 Academy Formula 1
W Series cars on track in Hungary (Image Credit: Francois Nel – Getty Images)

In the midst of concerns about the future of W Series, Formula 1 announced a new category that would make its debut in 2023: the F1 Academy.

Similar to W Series, the F1 Academy is an all-women racing series aimed at promoting women in motorsports and helping them to progress through the feeder series ladder. While it’s been somewhat of a mystery what this new series would look like, the F1 Academy has now revealed some new details.

How it will work

The F1 Academy grid will field 15 female drivers who will race for five different F2 and F3 teams: ART Grand Prix, Carlin, MP Motorsport, PREMA Racing, and Campos Racing. The championship will hold seven different events throughout the 2023 season. At least one of these events will take place at a Formula 1 race, guaranteeing exposure for the series.

Specific details about the car are still unknown, but the series has announced that they’ll use a standard chassis, similar to ones used in other F1 feeder series. The engine will be a turbocharged four-cylinder with 165 BHP, and the car will use 13-inch Pirelli tyres.

Whereas W Series never had a set spot on the F1 feeder series ladder, the F1 Academy has set itself below Formula 3, aiming for drivers to progress up following success in the all-women category.

On top of these specifications, the F1 Academy has also outlined goals for the drivers, such as providing “all-round preparation for aspiring female drivers,” and “significant testing and track time to accelerate development.”

Driver budgets for the F1 Academy will be capped at €150,000, which is an attempt to make the series more accessible and affordable for drivers. Additionally, Formula 1 will contribute a total of €2.25 million towards the category, a total of €150,000 per car.

There are still plenty of details to work out before the F1 Academy is ready to hit the track this coming season, namely who the drivers will be. Assuming W Series doesn’t make a comeback (although its future hasn’t been announced yet) some of those drivers will likely make the switch. From there, let’s hope we start to see some new women drivers in F3 in the coming years.

Feature Image Credit: F1 Academy on Twitter

  1. Seems like a reasonable series for women to continue a career in Motorsports .

    Very much needed I feel .

    Seems the cost of competing might have keep many drivers, both me & women, out of racing .

    Perhaps time will tell IF this is a viable option for women ?

    I would hope all races would be televised .

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