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F1 Academy introduces two updates for the 2024 season

F1 Academy began last year in 2023 and it's second season will see new updates being introduced

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F1 Academy will introduce two new updates for the 2024 season, which include Super Licence points as well as Wild Card entries. 

F1 Academy
The first lap of the F1 Academy race three in Austin, 2023. (Photo by Clive Mason – Formula 1/Formula 1 via Getty Images)

2024 marks the second season of F1 Academy. The all-female championship has gone from strength to strength since it’s debut last year.

Whilst 2023 consisted of seven races, they were not in line with the Formula 1 calendar. But for this year, F1 Academy will be a support series racing on F1 weekends. In addition to that, the 10 Formula 1 teams will each support a driver on the grid. All 10 teams have confirmed the driver they’re supporting for the 2024 season.

However, F1 Academy have announced today that the championship’s development is going even further. For the upcoming season, F1 Academy is introducing two new updates.

The two updates for 2024
Super Licence points

The first is that FIA Super Licence points will be awarded. To be able to compete in Formula One, a driver must have “accumulated at least 40 points on their path to F1 with the FIA considering either the three-year period preceding the year of application, or the two-year period preceding the year of application, in addition to the points accumulated in the year of application.”

In its inaugural season, F1 Academy hadn’t awarded drivers Super Licence points, but from 2024, drivers can earn some. The way this will work is that the F1 Academy 2024 Champion will receive 10 Super Licence points.

The driver in second will collect second, followed by five points for the driver in third. For a fourth place finish, a driver can collect three points and then the driver in fifth will receive one point. Only the top five in the Drivers’ Standings at the end of the 2024 season will receive Super Licence points.

Wild Card entries

The second new update introduced this year will be wild card entries. Essentially, a Wild Card entry means that at select races across the calendar, F1 Academy can offer a Wild Card entry to young women from the host country.

PREMA Racing were the Teams’ Champions in 2023. This means that at the specific weekends where a Wild Card entry is introduced, PREMA Racing will run a Wild Card car in addition to the team’s three entries.

F1 Academy
PREMA Racing celebrating winning the Teams’ and Drivers’ Championships in F1 Academy’s inaugural season. (Photo by Jared C. Tilton – Formula 1/Formula 1 via Getty Images)

For 2024, driving for PREMA are Tia Hausman, Doriane Pin and Maya Weug. But the Wild Card entry would race alongside these three drivers and receive support and training from PREMA as well.

The idea behind Wild Card entries is to make F1 Academy more inclusive, accessible and hopefully strengthen the racing talent of young women in the specific regions of racing.

In addition to the Wild Card entries, and the Super Licence points, those who compete in F1 Academy can only do so for two years. The champion, of course, cannot race in F1 Academy once they’ve won, but the maximum time to race in the championship is now two years after an update to the Sporting Regulations was made. And again, this is to ensure that every year the most talented female races can have the opportunity to compete in the series.

Susie Wolff shares her view

Managing Director of F1 Academy, Susie Wolff, has shared her thoughts on the new updates. As reported by F1 Academy, Wolff said:

“After a positive inaugural season we are making two significant steps forward for 2024. Our top five drivers receiving FIA Super Licence points is testament to the strength of F1 Academy’s on track proposition and will help fuel their progression as they move up the single seater pyramid.

“The introduction of the Wild Card entrants will promote regional talent, engage with local communities, and increase the talent pool in the regions in which we race, which will be important for our long-term growth and ensure we are creating even more opportunities for women to get involved in our sport.”

The first race of the 2024 F1 Academy season is in Jeddah. The championship will compete for seven rounds across the F1 calendar with the season finale being in Abu Dhabi this year in December.

Headline image: GettyImages

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