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F1 Academy announce 2024 calendar as it teams up with F1

The F1 Academy calendar has been released for 2024

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The F1 Academy 2024 calendar has been released and features seven races at F1 weekends across three continents.

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The F1 Academy 2024 calendar features five new tracks and two returning tracks as the series supports Formula 1. Image Credit: Getty Images

The calendar for next year’s F1 Academy series has been announced. The 2024 season will feature five new tracks. The series will be supporting Formula 1 races in Jeddah, Miami, Singapore, Qatar and Abu Dhabi. Additionally, F1 Academy will be returning to Barcelona and Zandvoort. Again, supporting Formula 1.

This means there will be a huge shakeup for the drivers as they have to get to grips with five completely new circuits. Another new aspect for 2024 is that F1 Academy will now be an official F1 support series for all of its races rather than just the season finale, as it is this year.

As it prepares for its second season, F1 Academy has decided to put drivers to the test.

“The calendar has been designed to span three continents, Europe, Asia, and North America, and will feature a mix of street circuits and traditional circuits. The race calendar will be supplemented by an extensive official testing calendar that will be announced in due course.”

Another new addition to the series is that for 2024, F1 Academy will have the support from each F1 team. Each team will run a driver and a livery of its choice in the support series. Alongside the calendar announcement, F1 CEO Domenicalli offered his thoughts on next year’s season.

“It is fantastic to welcome F1 Academy onto seven rounds of the F1 calendar next year. This global platform, combined with the support of all ten F1 teams, will take the series to the next level.”

The future of F1 Academy

As the near future of F1 Academy has just been announced, Susie Wolff, Managing Director, expressed her delight at the calendar and the long-term potential for the series.

“I am delighted to announce our seven-round season for 2024. This calendar cements our ambition to become a truly global series, expanding our reach and improving visibility for our mission.”

Domenicali also spoke about the future of F1 academy stating that this next season should improve driver’s skills and inspire others.

“[2024 will provide] not only the opportunity for the drivers to develop their skills on F1 tracks, but to inspire young girls around the world to pursue a future in motorsport.”

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