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F1 2022 Races Look to be Nearly All Sold Out

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If you were hoping to attend an F1 race this year, you may have to up your ticket buying game. 

This news comes after the Singapore Grand Prix tickets went on sale a mere 9 hours ago, they sold out within 6 hours.

Similar events have occurred with The Dutch Grand Prix, The Unite States Grand Prix (at The Circuit of the Americas), and the Miami Grand Prix. These races sold out extremely quickly, with Zandvoort selling out in just over 24 hours.

Even classic races, such as the British Grand Prix have sold out.

The Belgian Grand Prix three-day weekend is close to selling out except for two grandstands, or the paddock club.

Many races still have VIP and Paddock Club passes available, even if the regular tickets have sold out. However, these tickets cost considerably more.

Surprisingly, Imola, which is where we are going next has a few three-day weekend tickets left. But again, most of the tracks are sold out.

Some tracks sell one-day tickets for a very reduced price, such as Canada and Monaco. However, Canada three-day tickets are unavailable.

Many tickets are yet to be released but be sure that once they are, many of them will be sold out instantly.

This demand for F1 tickets has definitely increased since only a few years ago. Some of this is credited to the Covid Pandemic and now people want to experience the live sport.

Another reason for the surge is the Netflix show, Drive to survive. Many credits the growing audience and popularity of the sport to the show. The new fans, of course, will want to watch the action live.

The United States Grand Prix sell-out has been linked with the popularity of Drive to Survive in the states.

As seen at the 2021 United States Grand Prix, the stands were packed and the general admission areas were heaving with fans. The whole weekend, the main topic of conversation was the resurgence of F1 fans in America with over 400’00 attending the race weekend.

F1 and America fell out of love for some time, but that’s not the case anymore. There are currently two races in the US, with a third being added next year- Vegas!

Similar scenes were observed this past weekend in Melbourne. The Australian GP weekend hosted over 400’000 fans and the grandstands were packed, even during free practice.

Tickets for tracks such as Monza and Suzuka are yet to come out, and the dates of their release are still unknown. But, you must get into the ticket queue early to secure them.

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