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EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Ricciardo talks to FormulaNerds

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Now that the first car launch of the Formula One 2021 season has been unveiled, the FormulaNerds had the opportunity to talk to the newest member of the McLaren family, Daniel Ricciardo. 

Speaking prior to the car launch this evening, the Aussie was quite relaxed during the media frenzy, and we were the first to speak with him. Despite having plenty of experience, including 7 race wins in his Formula One career, countless podiums and the experience of racing at a top team, everyone is keen to see what he can do in McLaren, and whether he can help develop the car, and the team into a race winning outfit once again.

We were keen to know what Daniel could learn from being part of the McLaren team, and in particular his new team mate, Lando Norris. We asked him what he thinks he could learn from Lando, even though he is the more experienced driver in the team.

“It’s funny because I’m certainly the more experienced in terms of in Formula One, this being my 11th season but actually in terms of McLaren, Lando’s the more experienced. For sure there’s some things I can learn from him, particularly within the team itself and integration into the McLaren family. I think every time you help a new team mate it’s an opportunity to learn something new whether it’s work ethic, or a driving technique or both I’m always pretty open minded,”

“I know ever driver has confidence in himself, and their ability, but I am very confident as an individual and I’m also open minded so if there is something I can take from Lando and use it to better myself, then obviously I’m looking to learn as much as I can.”

It is clear that the 31 year old is keen to impress, and has spoken in recent interviews that he thinks McLaren is his best chance of clinching a world title.  He was asked at the press conference why he thinks he can achieve the success he dreams of at McLaren and not with his former teams of Red Bull or Renault.

“We don’t have a crystal ball, so leaving Red Bull or leaving Renault, it’s obviously what I feel is right,” said Ricciardo. “Do I know 100% how it’s going to turn out? No I don’t, I certainly feel McLaren have done the right things, particularly in the last few years to set themselves up for these rule changes coming in 2022. I think the next era of F1 has the ability to turn the field around a little bit, and just everything I’ve seen and everything I’ve known up until now excites me about where McLaren is heading,”

“So it’s really that more than anything, I do believe in the personnel, Andreas is a massive asset for the team. Andreas is helping steer this ship in the right direction, James Key aswell. I got to work with James in 2013 at Torro Rosso, that was fairly short lived because I think by that summer I was already going to Red Bull so looking forward to getting to see and work with him again,”

“They’ve more backing this year, some more investment, they’re expanding and doing what it takes to be a real contender in the championship.”


Image Credit: McLaren Media Centre

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