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Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon celebrating Alpine's P4 in the constructors' championship in Abu Dhabi

Esteban Ocon: Alonso did “2%” of the work at Alpine

From Alonso helping Ocon to his maiden Formula One victory last year, to a tense 2022 ending, what went wrong between the two Alpine teammates?

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Esteban Ocon has fresh criticisms of Fernando Alonso from their time as teammates at Alpine

Damage to Fernando Alonso's front wing following a collision on track with teammate Esteban Ocon at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix
Damage to Fernando Alonso’s front wing following two collisions on track with teammate Esteban Ocon at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix. (Image Credit: Dan Istitene via Getty Images)

Across the two years that Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso have been teammates at Alpine, they have proven to be a successful partnership. Together, they have achieved one race victory, a podium, and 59-point finishes across their combined 88-race starts for the French outfit. Alonso even famously played a significant role in holding up the charging Lewis Hamilton to ensure Ocon achieved his maiden victory in Formula One.

So why has the relationship between the two drivers become strained?

What happened in Brazil?

It is safe to say that the relationship between the two, now former, Alpine teammates has not always been the best. But perhaps the most significant talking point was the fallout following the Sao Paulo Grand Prix.

During the Saturday sprint race, the two came together on two occasions. The second incident resulted in significant front-wing damage for Alonso. The pair went from qualifying P6 (Ocon), and P7 (Alonso) for the sprint, to starting the Grand Prix in P17 and P18, respectively. Not a great result for the team.

Following the session, the two-time world champion did not hold back when critiquing his younger teammate. He said:

“There was a lot of too-close [fighting], unfortunately. It’s far from ideal when it’s your teammate, but it’s been a little like this [with him] all year long.”

Alonso also reflected on other past incidents with Ocon. He brought up Jeddah and Budapest, where on both occasions he felt he was squeezed “very close to the wall.” The Spanish driver also seemed to hint that Ocon may have an issue with other drivers saying, “it happened to him with [Sergio] Perez, with Verstappen here [Sao Paulo] unlapping himself… so it’s one more race.”

Having heard about his teammate’s comments, Ocon said he felt disappointed to hear Alonso’s critique but still respects him.

Ocon directs fresh criticism towards Alonso

While Ocon may have respect for Alonso, that has not stopped him from criticising his former teammate’s workload. In a recent interview with Ouest France, Ocon said the following about his two-year partnership with the two-time champion:

“To be honest, I did 98% of the work and he did 2%. I was overworked. I did all the development work in the simulator, and I also did the marketing activities.”

On Alonso’s departure from the French outfit, Ocon said, “it is good that he is going to Aston Martin and that we each go our way.”

Pierre Gasly will replace Fernando Alonso at Alpine in 2023
Pierre Gasly will replace Fernando Alonso at Alpine in 2023. (Image Credit: Formula One)

Fellow Frenchmen Pierre Gasly will replace Alonso at Alpine in 2023. Although the pair have had a difficult relationship in the past, will there be less tension between the new teammates? And will there be a fairer distribution of the team’s workload, now Ocon has a new partner?

Feature Image Credit: NurPhoto via Getty Images

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