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Featured Image Credit: EA F1 22

EA F1 22: First look at new Miami track!

Ahead of this weekend's Miami GP,  EA F1 22 showcases F1's newest circuit. 

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As the build-up continues ahead of Miami’s debut this weekend, EA’s F1 22 gives fans a first look at the new Miami track.

Featuring 19 corners and 3 DRS zones, the Miami International Autodrome has the potential to showcase close racing. The cars will look spectacular on this fast and frantic circuit, nestled around the Hard Rock Stadium.

A view of the first corner complex in F1 22 (Image Credit EA F1 22)

As with most street circuits, the track features plenty of run-off areas. Given the circuit’s free-flowing design, the drivers will be thankful for this in case of any contact.

The track has been designed with overtaking in mind throughout, expertly captured by the game. Starting on the start-finish line, it’s a short run into the tight right hander of turn one.

The track opens up for a series of fast change of direction chicanes, followed by heavy braking zones. The right line will be crucial in this section, as the first of the long straights follows. The game shows even if a car has DRS, a driver will not be able to utilise it if too far back after a mistake at the previous corner.

The next part of the track gradually slows to a tricky chicane section. The ability to be precise with braking will be vital here, more so if battling a competitor.

Following the tricky slow speed section, the cars blast down the second of the long straights to the final heavy braking zone. The circuit then reopens up for the finish line, where the drivers can attack into turn one.

The idea of replicating Monaco has been in F1’s DNA for many years now, but Miami is the first street circuit to embrace its location since the introduction of Singapore in 2008. The Autodrome succeeds where other new circuits have failed, it flows well and has a unique sense of identity.

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Each sector feels very different, and drivers will likely find the circuit to be engaging and challenging. Unlike the now decaying Valencia Street Circuit, each sector has its own characteristics.

                                    Driver’s view of blasting down Miami Autodrome’s long straights (Image credit (EA F1 22)

The first sector is very open, while the so-called “mistake generator” section has a remarkable resemblance to turns 11 and 12 at Baku. Despite the almost copycat corner, the track showcases its identity as a fast-flowing circuit. 

Arguably the best place to see action comes from turn 15. The slow tight chicane features a grandstand that gives a view of the cars that only the start/finish straight can match.

The much-maligned fake marina makes an appearance in the game as well. Looking more realistic than the one at the circuit, the blue resembles water as opposed to paint.

Miami Gardens is a truly unique setting for a race. In the game, you blast past palm trees, tennis courts, and of the course the Hard Rock Stadium. It is a setting that cannot be replicated anywhere else on the calendar, which bodes well for its longevity.

The Miami International Autodrome is a truly unique circuit. F1 22 has successfully captured the feel of the track and its iconic location. Although some will argue it is “just another street circuit”, Miami feels like the first real destination race added to the calendar since Singapore.

Featured Image Credit: EA F1 22

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