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DS Penske at the Mexico City E-Prix
Vandoorne struggled during the Mexico City E-Prix. Credit:

DS Penske reflect on ‘mistakes’ from Mexico City Weekend

DS Penske have admitted that their weekend in Mexico City was disappointing.

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DS Penske have reflected on their disappointing weekend in Mexico City and have admitted that mistakes were made.

Jean-Éric Vergne had an out-of-character weekend where he failed to perform in qualifying and got no points in the race. Credit:

During the Mexico City weekend, it appeared from Free Practices 1& 2 that DS Penske would be the team to beat. Jean-Éric Vergne finished first in FP1 and second in FP2 whilst his teammate Stoffel Vandoorne finished fifth in both sessions.

Given these early results, the outlet’s past success and the drivers’ calibre, many thought that DS Penske would be speedy in qualifying and have excellent race pace for the E-Prix.

It shortly became clear that this would not be the case when neither Vergne or Vandoorne making it past the group qualifying stages. Vandoorne recognises that the team failed to perform on Saturday and shared his thoughts with Formula E.

“We didn’t manage to capitalise on what we knew we had in performance from Free Practice”.

What Vergne thought about his performance

Vergne had a particularly poor qualifying session after he impeded NIO‘s Sergio Sette Camara and picked up a warning for stopping on track. It was very out of character for the two-time world champion. The teammates started in 11th and 14th respectively in the race.

The Frenchman’s streak of mistakes continued in the E-Prix where he had an unusual bump with Nissan’s Sacha Fenestraz. His luck got even harder when his car had issues and he fell down to P12 limping over the finish line.

On the crash, the 32-year-old admitted that it was his mistake. Despite taking the blame he did justify his actions by saying that he was still getting to grips with the car.

“It was my mistake, it was definitely not on purpose. He went wide and I thought I’d try to move up the inside. The front wing of the car is much further away from the cockpit compared to GEN2 – that surprised me”

Vandoorne’s thoughts about the weekend

Vandoorne won the team a singular point in Mexico City. Knowing the potential that the car had in Free Practices, the Belgian acknowledges that both he and the rest of the team knew they could do better.

“I think that everyone on the team wished to leave Mexico with more points. One point is already something and its better than nothing.”

Vandoorne felt that he struggled to get any further up the grid than 10th. He cited that his qualifying performance (14th) prevented any further success.

The team are hoping for a better performance in Saudi Arabia on the 27th and 28th of January and know that they have a long season ahead.

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