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Damon Hill provides Hamilton contract update

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1996 F1 world champion Damon Hill has provided us with yet another Lewis contract update, as he said on Twitter that the latest rumours say Lewis will sign a two year deal, with a veto on his teammate, keeping him at the team until the end of the 2022 season, giving Lewis a chance to try out the new regulations before he decides on his future beyond 2022. 

With this veto in place, it increases the chances of Valtteri Bottas staying at the German outfit, as it is likely Lewis sees him as less of a threat than the one George Russell would pose, if he was in the second Mercedes. These are all rumours at the moment, and nothing is confirmed.

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  1. 57 laps, 21 cars, each car does 180mph limit, , chasing to get in front of, the fastest starts first. Why should the slowest come last, raffle positions, More of a challenge for all. The usual teams win all the time, and you know of em, while others dream of. Best wishes everyone

    1. I’ve been suggesting for years they try reverse/normal start based on the flip of a coin AFTER qualifying…. Now that would sell tickets! ?

  2. So, Lewis gets to pick a teammate that he believes he can beat every time, rather than allow Mercedes to sign a driver good enough to threaten Lewis’ chances of winning another WDC driving a car that is essentially unbeatable. How is that good for the sport? Lewis and Mercedes have tainted his championships. Henceforth he will be known as the chauffeur that Merc selected to circulate in the best car on the track, whilst ensuring his wins by teaming him with an inferior partner. What a slap in the face for Bottas and F1.

  3. No way on earth should a driver even be in conversation about the 2nd driver on the team never mind giving them the option to veto a candidate

  4. People that call themselves Bottas fans and then write him off as not being able to beat Lewis Hamilton are not fans. Valtari as proved himself equal on many occasions.There have been some issues with the car, and with tyres, but he as been the only driver in the last two years to get any where near Lewis, he far out matched the results of Verstappen.Valtari is a great driver , Lewis is an exceptional driver. Nico Rosberg has said the reason he decided to retire was that in winning the championship by the skin of his teeth, and how that had mentally drained him, he knew he could never do it again, so didn’t want to put himself through the media deformation of his driving ability.Valtari is sticking in their he is number 2 in the world and no one can ever take that from him, and while he remains No2 no one,especially a young driver who finished behind him in a grand prix, will be worthy of his seat.

    1. Well said Lynda, I agree with you Valtari is a great race driver , but without doubt Lewis is exceptional.

      Can’t wait for 2021 season with Perez at Red Bull and Verstappen bring the fight to Mercedes. Plus Alonso return and Daniel R at McLaren . Should be an excellent season ?

  5. It’s hard to believe Mercedes would go along with a veto option. Is this just more PR? If not this just shows how insecure Louie is. That’s not a champion.

  6. Is this a case of swinging the tiger by the tail? So Hamilton has won seven titles. So what? Schumacher has won seven titles. So what. Fangio has won five times. So what? What benefit can Mercedes derive out of another title with r even without Hamilton? Why is Mercedes competing in Formula 1 when the MB brand is a well established and highly regarded brand? How many more cars will Mercedes sell by winning another championship, with or without Hamilton. Michael Schumacher’s legacy is being kept alive as a result of his ski accident. What is Fangio’s legacy? What will be Hamilton’s legacy? Mercedes also dominated Grands Prix in the 1930’s with their W125 car with drivers like Herman Lang, Carraciola and Von Brautisch. What more do they want to prove? Sponsorship is not a driver or team decision. It is a board or top management decision. A marketing decision. You don’t compete because the Chairman of the Board likes motorsport. I can not believe that the top management at MB is allowing themselves to be held at ransom by Hamilton for his own and only benefit. What will happen if Mercedes decide o walk away from Formula 1? How will Hamilton not being offered another drive have an effect on the MB bottom line. It is a joke!

  7. It’s still only just a Rumour!! — So hang on for the Official Announcement from Mercedes then you can give your opinions! 🙂

  8. No.1 Drivers have been influencing who is No.2 driver since F1 started in 1950 and Schumacher was probably the most guilty in the modern era.

  9. Mercedes please sack the greedy boy, when 40 million a year is not enough for him, and he also wants shares in media profits. Russel can do the job just as well for 10 million….

  10. Great ! So Lewis who had the best opportunity in previous seasons (due to having the top car) gets to monopolise even further. Thanks Lewis! Thanks Mercedes Benz F1 ! Winners ! Well done! You’ve managed to LOSE even more Formula One audience ! About as interesting to watch as a Mourinho managed Premiership side.
    It’s time for the rules to change for the sake of the fans. 2 years max contract and then drivers must move teams.

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