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Coulthard Calls Out Yuki Tsunoda

David declared his true opinion of the racing rookie.

Former Formula 1 driver, David Coulthard admitted that he doesn’t see a future for Yuki Tsunoda.

Although AlphaTauri announced recently that they’ll retain the rookie in 2022, some felt different about the matter.

Tsunoda said, “The first half of the season overall was really interesting and enjoyable. Many things about it were unexpected for me. It did not really match with what I had thought it might be like before the season started. There were lots of ups and downs and at times my performance was very inconsistent.

Throughout the season so far, Yuki has made many mistakes but at the same time, it’s a learning process. These things can take time.

However, Coulthard confirmed, “What planet is he from? I think he should pack his little bag and go home now, because that is not the voice of a racing driver. I’d book a plane ticket now and get it nice and cheap, because he won’t be in Formula 1 beyond the end of next year.

Yuki is currently 14th with 18 points in the driver standings. Then AlphaTauri is sixth with 84 points in the constructor standings.

Headline Image Credit: Formula 1.

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