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Could Russell and Hamilton Partnership Spell Disaster For Mercedes?

The British Duo Form An All-British Lineup For The German Constructor

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Lewis Hamilton and George Russell will form an all-British lineup for Mercedes in 2022. Whilst both drivers are focused on success, what must Mercedes do to stop a 2016 title repeat? 

It’s no secret that both British drivers are destined for success in 2022, and complete one of the strongest lineups for any constructor on the grid in 2022. However, many F1 pundits have already voiced their concerns over the two drivers clashing on their way to championship success.

Of course, Mercedes had a similar issue in 2016, when Lewis Hamilton clashed (and crashed) several times with teammate Nico Rosberg.

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Mercedes Team Principal and CEO, Toto Wolff, had the difficult task of managing the rivalry and ruled with an iron fist.

In an interview with The Guardian, Wolff said “I always made clear that if this was going to happen regularly and I would see a pattern, I have no fear in making somebody miss races.”

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In an attempt to stop the same situation from arising in 2022, George Russell has already outlined plans with his new teammate.

In an interview with The Express, he said “Lewis and I need to work together. We can’t focus too much on each other because things are constantly changing and that’s why we need to take a step back.”

Russell added “We hope Mercedes will still be the fastest team, the fastest car on the grid but there are no guarantees. We need to not be naive to that, and work together to ensure that we are.”

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Speaking on the new lineup, Nico Rosberg has said that choosing Russell to partner with Hamilton in 2022 “carries high risk” and is concerned that things could become “really intense” between the two drivers as the season progresses.

With new technical regulations and several other major changes in FIA management, the 2022 season could be one of the closest seasons we have witnessed in recent F1 history.

With Hamilton fighting for an eighth world title and Russell determined to prove himself, this newly formed partnership could spell disaster for Mercedes in 2022.

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