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Could Max Verstappen receive a one race ban?

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Max Verstappen will have to be on his best behaviour when the season starts, as he is only a few points away from a ban.

So how many points is Verstappen away from a ban?

Verstappen currently has got seven points on his Super Licence for incidents dating from September to December.

If the Dutchman receives another five points, then he would become the first Formula 1 driver to be suspended for getting 12 penalty points in a 12-month period.

He will now have to negotiate 16 races before his points even begin to come off his record.

How does this compare to other drivers?

Yuki Tsunoda currently has eight points, while Sergio Perez has a total of seven.

However, unlike Verstappen, they both will see their points begin to be wiped on 18th April after only three Grand Prix’s. This is 13 less than Verstappen.

How did Max Verstappen earn his penalty points?

Italian Grand Prix (September 12th, 2021)

The first two points for Verstappen came after a crash with Hamilton at the Italian Grand Prix.

A pit-stop mishap put both of the drivers on a collision course.

Hamilton had emerged from the pit lane with Verstappen zooming down the straight.

Hamilton came out alongside Verstappen, driving wheel-to-wheel.

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Verstappen was squeezed going into the next and after choosing not to bail out of the duel, the two cars collided.

The Red Bull driver was then pushed onto the sausage kerb after the collision, which flung the car into the air, before landing on top of the Mercedes’ halo protection device.

Both Hamilton and Verstappen were forced to retire from the race as a result.

Qatar Grand Prix (November 21st, 2021)

Verstappen received another two point penalty for failure to respect double yellow flag during qualifying.

The double-waved flags were shown after Pierre Gasly stopped on the straight after he sustained damage to his car while running over the kerb.

Onboard footage from Verstappen’s Red Bull had shown a double-waved yellow flag on his left-hand side. However, he didn’t slow his speed.

Saudi Arabia Grand Prix (December 5th, 2021)

Verstappen had already received two penalty points for leaving the track and gaining a lasting advantage, before he received another two.

This was when he was told to give back the position to rival Hamilton.

Hamilton had been caught off guard by Verstappen, slowing right down before being rammed by the Red Bull.

The Brit accused Verstappen of ‘brake testing’ him on lap 37 towards the end of the race.

Feature Image Credit: @redbullracing on Twitter.

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