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Could F1 go to Vegas?

Viva Las Vegas! Could Nevada host a potential third Grand Prix in the United States?

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What a weekend COTA was! The grandstands were packed, the racing was fierce and the drivers took to Texas like a duck to water. With Miami set to join Austin on the calendar and reports of pre-sale tickets already selling out, does the US need a third race?

The United States has historically had an atypical relationship with F1. The sport’s popularity has not been as consistent as others’ most likely due to the immense wealth of homegrown motorsport already present such as NASCAR and IndyCar. The United States has hosted many Grand Prixs before and on many different tracks (10 to be precise) but has never had a permanent home. F1’s presence in America seems to have changed over the past few years and a major takeaway from the past weekend at COTA is that the United States loves F1. Sunday’s race alone had a 140’000 strong crowd that left the circuit buzzing.

Many over the weekend credited this new intense F1 passion in the states to the Drive to Survive Netflix series which has made F1 more popular globally, let alone in the US. With a much larger and much more passionate fanbase emerging in the United States, it makes sense to seek new additional Grand Prix destinations.

Miami 2022 is the latest addition to the calendar and is set to be hosted in the Miami International Autodrome which is centered around the Hard Rock Stadium. The event’s popularity is almost guaranteed with the CEO Richard Cregan stating that there’s been over “150’000 enquiries for tickets and hospitality”. This surge in demand for tickets is certainly promising for the future of Formula 1 races in America.  But is Vegas the next and best option?

Over the United States GP weekend, talks were held between Nevada governor Steve Sisolak over the possibility of hosting an F1 race in Las Vegas as early as 2023.


The possibility of Vegas returning to the F1 calendar is extremely exciting for fans everywhere, not just in the states. However, this excitement needs to be contained considering that there will be many steps to achieving the addition of Vegas to the calendar.

Firstly, there is the issue of whether a Vegas race will be feasible economically. The last time F1 went to Las Vegas in the 1980s, the response was underwhelming and wasn’t greatly attended. That being said, the current popularity of the sport and the interest in Miami 2022 are sure indicators that it could be a success this time around. Secondly, F1 organizers are determined to race on the iconic Las Vegas Strip so a lot of planning in terms of safety and circuit design will need to take place before such a race can happen. Finally, the idea of holding a  Miami Grand Prix was proposed in 2018 and is only now becoming an official event. Could a Vegas race take even longer to materialize on the calendar?

I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear of a potential Las Vegas Grand Prix but it may take a while to see it happen. Until then, just picture Ricciardo’s outfits for the Vegas weekend.


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