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92 wins – Time for a competition

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With Lewis Hamilton achieving the seemingly impossible record of 92 wins last weekend in Portugal, we thought we’d commemorate this with a competition!

Our resident artist Richard has given us a print of this original painting of Lewis, which includes the great Niki Lauda – which comes together as a tribute to the great man, who we sadly lost last year.

To make this exclusive for the Nerds, the painting will be embellished with the winner’s choice of race suit / hat for Lewis. Maybe you are a fan of the camo cap, maybe the Silverstone editions….or maybe this year’s black race suit is more your thing. If that one is chosen – he might even paint in Lewis’ braids down the back! Richard will paint your choice over the print – to make your completely unique!

To win this all you need to do is

  1. Visit our website and find Lewis!
  2. Screenshot the page
  3. Send the screenshot to:
  4. If you are the first to do so. You are a WINNER


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