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Carlos Sainz: “I was leading the race before the pit stop”

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Carlos Sainz was about to take the lead of the race and get his podium in Monaco. 

The Spaniard had a grand escape in the early stages for the lead but found himself struggling regarding his tyres and favoured slicks.

Carlos claimed:

It’s bittersweet, especially because I was leading the race before the pit stop. After the pit stop I had a terrible out-lap behind a lapped car. It cost me a couple of seconds of race time that was enough for Checo to jump me.”

Despite everything, the Spaniard secured P2 in spectacular fashion for Scuderia Ferrari.

Sainz felt as though the race was a mix of things in Monte Carlo. He did his best to get past the tricky bits. Ferrari failed their ultimate strategy. However, they made the right decision to secure something solid to succeed. The tyre strategy ensured extreme force with the dry surface.

Sainz said, “the race win was there but unfortunately these things happen around Monaco. It was my turn to get a bit unlucky and then I tried everything I could to get past but around here with these wide cars is tricky. We nailed the strategy; I made the right call with the tyres to stay out on the extreme until it was dry. Everything was perfect just the out lap, the out lap cost me. Without that out lap I would be here today celebrating a win. I’m not going to complain too much. I know that this sport is like that. Checo was unlucky in Jeddah – obviously today he did a great race plus he got a bit lucky with myself. In this sport it will turn around one day or later.

At present, Carlos Sainz is fifth with 83 points in the driver standings. Ferrari is second with 199 points in the constructor standings.

Here’s to the Prancing Horse stepping up last minute. In about a fortnight’s time, let’s see how they deliver in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Headline Image Credit: Ferrari.

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