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Carlos Sainz to Sign New Contract with Ferrari

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Despite helping Ferrari achieve their first one-two in three years, Carlos Sainz still seeks to improve his performance.

Reports suggest that the Spaniard already reached an agreement for a contract extension with the Scuderia.

Carlos Sainz integrated well with the team at Maranello, achieving four podiums as Ferrari got themselves back on their feet.

As Ferrari seek to fight for the title Sainz looks at ways of getting more speed out of the F1-75.

In Bahrain, the 27-year old was asked about how close is he to concluding a new contract with Ferrari.

He responded, “I think we are close. Very close. Very, very close. Very close. Extremely close. Nearly there.”

While Sainz showed his excitement for his new contract, team principal Mattia Binotto admitted, “I think we found an agreement. It’s only a matter to translate it into paper.”

Sainz’s Weekend in Bahrain

The Spaniard claimed that it was a very difficult weekend in Bahrain.

Sainz finished in the top five for all sessions but admitted that he should have been faster.

It seems that he is still getting used to what the 2022 regulations have to offer when compared to his teammate Charles Leclerc, who won the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Sainz explained, “In FP1, FP2 and FP3 I was very far behind, the most far that I’ve been ever in Ferrari, and that’s why even with a 1-2 we scored, I’m not entirely happy with the weekend.

“As a Ferrari driver it’s been my most difficult weekend and it just shows that I need to put my head down, understand this car, understand where is Charles making the difference with his driving and the way that he’s approaching corners and driving the tyres, also in the race.

“I need to improve if I want to fight for a win and I will put my head down and try to do some steps coming into Jeddah.

“Can I improve it from one weekend to another?

“I think I can improve it.

“Can I cut down the deficit completely?

“It’s a very good question. I wish I can and I will be working hard for it.”

Looking at the timings

During the practice sessions, Sainz was only a few tenths of a second slower.

In the race, Leclerc won the race with a 5.598-second gap to Sainz.

Leclerc managed to go in for another pitstop after Pierre Gasly caused a safety car.

Carlos Sainz further said, “I haven’t been driving the way that the car should be driven, at least with the set-up we have now in the car.

“Clearly, Charles managed to do a better job, but he’s been quicker all weekend.

“I think I only got a very decent level in Q2 and Q3 where I really manage to nail a couple good laps to be on a good level.

“But the rest of the weekend I’ve just been like three-tenths of a second, both in the race and in practice.

“It’s a deficit that I never saw last year.

“No, I was never three tenths off, and it’s something new to me, and it’s a bit of a difficult weekend.

“I need to put my head, find out where these three or four-tenths are, and as soon as I find them and I put the car to my liking and exactly know how I need to drive this car, then I’m sure I can get back into the fight for a win.

“But until then, head down and keep working.”

Head Image Credit: F1 Chronicle

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