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Caitlyn Jenner acquires new W Series team for 2022

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W Series will have a new entry in 2022 with Caitlyn Jenner joining the grid as a team owner. The announcement came after the development in the past year of the teams’ structure within the Championship and is set to see Jenner Racing on the racetracks starting from the 6th of May in Miami. 

The update for the W Series to a more “traditional” establishment of a teams’ Championship is already showing its results. Although last year was considered to only be a transition year, W Series never hid that the choice had been made to suggest more investments from deeply involved sponsors, and as reported by the series itself the move was “enabled by strong interest from motorsport teams, independent businesses, brands, and ultra-high net worth individuals, all keen to support the unique W Series mission and be part of the championship at an early opportunity.”

Caitlyn Jenner’s passion for motor racing doesn’t come as a surprise either. As a matter of fact, Jenner has previously taken part in races such as the 24 Hours of Daytona and the 1986 12 Hours of Sebring, now resulting in her acquisition of a team in the W Series.

Although drivers are yet to be announced, Jenner Racing will debut at the beginning of May on the newly created track of Miami and will keep following the Formula 1 Circus in Spain, England, France, Hungary, Japan, Austin, and Mexico.

Regarding the decision to invest in the Championship, Jenner was clear in stating her full support to the cause, as for her declarations in the W Series announcement: “As a believer in fair competition, a lover of motor racing, and a supporter of all women in sport from the grassroots to elite level, W Series ticks every box for me and is a fusion of the different aspects of my career. A championship dedicated to inspiring young girls and giving women the chance to succeed in roles throughout what has traditionally been a male-dominated industry, W Series is changing the face of motorsport.”

Moreover, the financial choice was also dictated by the Championship’s best season since its creation: “As the series continues its rapid expansion with a truly international cast of drivers and races, this was the perfect time to come on board. W Series had a global reach of more than half a billion viewers in 2021, and I am going out to the market to acquire sponsors that align with mine and W Series’ joint missions. “

Finally, Jenner will bring from her past as a professional athlete and Olympic Champion competitiveness and desire to win: “I watched on with great excitement last year when W Series made its American debut in Austin, Texas, USA, where its drivers entertained 400,000 fans over the weekend at the Circuit of the Americas. In May, I will be beaming with pride when my Jenner Racing team starts its bid for W Series glory on motor racing’s greatest stage at the first race of season three in Miami, USA, in support of Formula 1. As has always been the case, I’m in it to win it.”


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